Marvel Studios Is Reportedly Considering Introducing 2 New Teams to the MCU

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Despite the Avengers being the most famous superhero team currently in the MCU, they are far from being the only one. Alongside Earth’s Mightiest heroes we have, Eternals, Guardians of the Galaxy, and future projects are about to set up Thunderbolts, Young Avengers, and the X-Men within the mainline MCU continuity.

Now we know that Marvel Comics are home to plenty of superhero teams besides the aforementioned this is why a lot of fans were wondering whether there is a potential to expand on some less-known teams, the main candidate being Alpha Flight. In his recent Q&A Alex Perez, a reliable source for rumors and leaks related to the MCU, claimed that Marvel Studios is thinking about incorporating two other teams from the comics, and neither is Alpha Flight unfortunately.

There have been discussions about MI13 being developed, as well as Agents of Atlas.

The Agents of Atlas are a superhero team that first debuted in the comic ‘What If?’ #9 in 1978. They were later reintroduced in their own series in 2006. The team is made up of different characters from different backgrounds and parts of the world, some notable members of the team were Jimmy Woo, Namora (Namor’s Cousin), Gorilla-Man, Venus, M-11, and Marvel Boy, Kree warrior with enhanced physical abilities.

The Agents of Atlas have been involved in various storylines, often dealing with threats that are international or interdimensional in nature. So it would make sense to include them during Multiverse Saga. Notably, Shang-Chi and Ms. Marvel have both been members of the team at some point.

MI13, or Military Intelligence, Section 13, is the UK’s agency tasked with addressing paranormal incidents, operating within the country’s intelligence apparatus alongside MI5, MI6, GCHQ, and DI. Directed by the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC), MI13 aims to safeguard Britain from mystical, extraterrestrial, and superhuman dangers. If the rumors about Captain Britain being introduced to the MCU are true, we shouldn’t be surprised to see them debut as well, especially in connection to Midnight Sons, Black Knight and other similar characters.

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