MCU: Here’s How and When Thanos Killed Loki

MCU Heres How and when Thanos Killed Loki

Loki played a huge part in the MCU. He was the main villain of the first ‘Avengers’ movie and often played the antagonist in contrast to his heroic brother. Loki’s nature as the God of Mischief likewise put him in excessively dangerous situations; he unwisely made a deal with Thanos fueled by revenge, and after some time, Thanos came to collect what he was owed. The event wasn’t pretty, and Loki ultimately did try to fool the Mad Titan, only to fail and lose his life. Here’s how Thanos killed Loki and what led him to do it. 

Thanos killed ‘Loki’ during the events of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ by crushing his neck. Thanos came to collect the Tesseract that Loki owed him, and Loki, instead of giving Thanos what he wanted, played defiantly and attempted to stab the Mad Titan with his dagger. Thanos had no patience for such games and decided to deal with the petty threat once and for all. He discarded Loki’s lifeless body on Thor’s knees. Leaving the God of Thunder to deal with the aftermath. 

Now that we’ve covered how Thanos killed Loki, it’s time to explain the events that led to it. Why did Loki make a deal with Thanos in the first place? What happened after? All of this and more you’ll find out in the rest of this post, so keep reading!

Why did Loki make a deal with Thanos? 

As you’re all aware by now, Loki and Thor are adoptive brothers, and as such, they often try to vy for Odin’s attention. Loki was always jealous of Thor since he wanted the throne of Asgard and the power that comes with it for himself. When Odin revealed his intention to make his firstborn (and trueborn) son the king of Asgard, Loki put a plan into place to stop this. 

Loki invited Frost Giants to Asgard and ruined Thor’s coronation. Due to Thor’s own shortcomings and short temper, he lost the crown temporarily. Loki further manipulated his own adoptive brother into forging an alliance with him that would lead to further destruction and unnecessary bloodshed. After Thor’s banishment, Loki temporarily assumes the throne of Asgard, ensuring that neither Odin nor Thor are there to see what he will do next. 

Loki scheming

Loki traveled to Jotunnheim and tried to strike a bargain with the Frost Giants that would eventually lead to Laufey’s death. Of course, by the end of the movie, the truth about Loki’s schemings comes out, and following the battle between the two brothers, Loki survives but finds himself traveling through a wormhole. He landed in a mysterious place and met The Other and Mad Titan Thanos, with whom he struck a bargain.

Loki struck a bargain with Thanos because he was still embittered that his plans to rule Asgard came to nothing, that he was disgraced, his brother still Odin’s favorite, and he was likewise banished from Asgard forever. Loki was supposed to retrieve the Tesseract, the Space Stone, for Thanos, and Thanos was supposed to give Loki the command of his Chitauri army, which Loki was supposed to use to conquer Earth and gain more power. 


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Thanos gave Loki his famous scepted that housed the Mind Stone, and without Loki even being aware of it, the Mind Stone twisted and corrupted his mind, making him hate his brother and father even more. 

Loki was successful in his attempts to manipulate various Avengers to get to the Tesseract. However, he was apprehended during the Battle of New York, Tesseract was taken from him, and he was sentenced to prison in Asgard for his crimes against his family and humans.

Loki, however, even in prison, continued scheming. But it would seem that the deal he made with Thanos couldn’t be further from his mind. The God of Mischief was, however, warned by the Chitauri that if he fails Thanos, there is no place to hide. 

What did Thanos do to Loki? 

We know that following the events of ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Asgard was destroyed, and the remaining surviving Asgardians were aboard the Statesman to relocate to Earth. Loki and Thor were sort of allies. Their experience against Hela brings them closer together once again. 

Just as they were about to arrive on Earth, the Statesman was intercepted by Thanos’ ship. 

Thanos came to collect what Loki owed him, and that was the Tesseract, which Loki conveniently, to Thor’s disbelief, had on himself. Loki tried to pretend that he was still loyal to Thanos while simultaneously readying his dagger to kill him. Thanos expected as much from The God of Mischief and wasn’t impressed by his thinly veiled attempts to convince him of his loyalty. Thanos grabbed Loki by his neck and crushed it. Letting Loki’s lifeless body fall to the ground on Thor’s knees. 

Thanos snapping lokis neck

Thanos had his Infinity Stone, and Thor lost everything in a tragically short amount of time. 

How did Thanos manage to kill Loki? 

Thanos manages to kill Loki because, contrary to popular belief, Loki is neither immortal nor immune to all damage. Loki might be a superhuman being, Frost Giant at that, but he could still be killed. First, Frost Giants are like Asgardians: long-lived, but they are not fully immortal. They age slower than regular humans several times, but they will still eventually succumb to the effects of old age.


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Second, Loki was not immune to damage. He is a highly durable and powerful character, but with a sufficient amount of damage, he could still be killed. It just so happened that Thanos was able to deal the sufficient amount of damage in question due to the combined factors of his enhancements, powers, and raw natural strength. Thanos was, at one point, one of the most powerful characters in the MCU. 

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