MCU’s New ‘Wonder Man’ Update Teases Bright Future for More Mature Content

Wonder Man not cancelled accroding to rumors

With the release of ‘Echo’ plenty of things changed in the MCU. It was the first TV-MA-rated show in the MCU, and the first to be released under the ‘Marvel Spotlight’ banner, meaning that it’s heavily character-oriented and that you don’t have to watch previous projects to understand the story.

Recently, during the Disney Upfronts presentation we saw that MCU, or rather Marvel Studios had separated its development into several segments: Marvel Animation, Marvel Television, and Marvel Spotlight which is also a part of the new strategy to make it easier for new fans to get a good sense regarding what the MCU is about.

Now we always knew that more Marvel Spotlight shows are on the way, primarily ‘Marvel Zombies’ which will likewise be TV-MA rated, and we speculated that ‘Wonder Man’ could also be released under the same banner.

Variety confirmed this fact in a recent interview with Brad Winderbaum. ‘Wonder Man’ will be released under Marvel Spotlight, and considering that character was never featured in the MCU before, we can imagine that it’s truly going to be unconnected to anything we’ve seen so far, which wasn’t exactly the case with ‘Echo.’

This certainly promises more mature and gritty content in the future. Regarding the details of ‘Wonder Man,’ not much is known about the show.

‘Wonder Man’ is a Hollywood satire featuring Williams as an actor-turned-superhero in Tinseltown.

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II will star as Simon Williams (Wonder Man,) alongside Ben Kingsley, Demetrius Grosse, and Ed Harris. Just recently, before the historic SAG-AFTRA project was over, ‘Wonder Man’ was heavily rumored to be canceled, which at the time made sense considering that the show spent a lot of time in development hell, with little to no news regarding it. Recent updates and confirmation however luckily proved us wrong.

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