Mera: Bio, Origin & History

Mera 1

Real Name: Mera

First Appearance: Aquaman #11 (October, 1963) 

Powers: Hydrokinesis, Dimensional travel, Telepathy, Superhuman Strength and Durability

Affiliation: Aquaman Family, Red Lantern Corps

Did You Know? Mera was once married to Aquaman’s enemy, Nereus

A Little History

Mera hails from Xebel and Xebel is a fictional realm within the DC Universe that is held inside the Bermuda Triangle. Originally Xebel was an Atlantean outpost that harboured those who wished to separate themselves from Atlantis.

Mera is unusual in the sense that she possesses a power that allows her to slip through the dimensional barrier that keeps Xebel from the rest of the world. It is this ability that led her to her true calling in life. 

Using her power and the power of her father, Mera slips into our world with the task to kill the Atlantean King. Before she leaves, however, he gives her a gift from her mother that reveals her true destiny. But she does not open it.

Upon her arrival in our world, she is greeted by some sailors who tell stories of a good King who helps those in trouble at sea. Mera is confused by this as the only stories she knew were those that made Aquaman out to be horrible. Confusion aside, Mera persists and does, in fact, find the King. 

The stories that the sailors told turned out to be true as in their first encounter she finds the King giving aid to a set of whales. He quickly approaches her and instead of ushering threats, asks her to dinner. 

At dinner, he questions who she is and how it is that she could control the water. She explains that she is from Xebel but before she can finish her sentence, runs off remembering that she had not listened to the message her mother had given her.

She runs to the water where she learns that the message was to simply live her own life and not the life of the silent bride that had been planned for her in Xebel.

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