If Brie Larson Has Her Way, We Will See A Metroid Movie In The Future

Metroid Movie

I grew up in the age of Nintendo. Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, The Legend of Zelda, and Metroid. The Nintendo Entertainment System launched a revolution that has continued to affect life today. 

What makes the system and its games so unique is that every generation knows of its importance and still takes time to immerse themselves in its world. Nintendo is a worldwide pastime. The system has been nothing short of remarkable. I’d go as far as to say that it has done more for youth than a good bowl of Mac n’ Cheese. 

The one shortcoming of the system, however, is that it is never translated well into cinema. There have been attempts, (I place strong emphasis on attempts), but none have found the magic cinematic code.

It’s not for a lack of trying.

The 1990’s saw a Super Mario Movie bomb bigger than Dodgers at this years World Series. Everything was in place for it to succeed (brand recognition, actors, and timing) yet it didn’t. To say it was awful is a disservice to everyone who paid hard earned money to see it. I think that because of its failure, Nintendo is afraid to try it again.  I can’t blame them. If the most recognizable plumber in history didn’t do well, I don’t think I’d try it again either. 

Brie Larson Metroid Movie

Which is why when Brie Larson posted on Instagram that she would love to bring Samus Aran to life, the world (and I) took notice.


On her Instagram page, she posted an image of herself and a friend dressed up as Samus Aran and Harry Potter respectively. Under it stood the tag, “Zero Suit Samus had an evening with Harry Potter and it was cute.”

This simple post set the social media platform afire with many questioning what it meant. One person even went as far as to say, “@brielarson dressing up as Samus Aran for Halloween is as close as we’re going to get to a Metroid movie, isn’t it?”

To which she replied, “I hope not. I want to make that movie.”

Brie Larson Metroid Movie Response

Yes Metroid!

Of course, this is only one person saying something that we all wish for. For what it’s worth, that one person has the eye and ear of Hollywood. If anybody has the pull to make someone act on a Metroid movie, it’s the woman that’s set to save the world in the upcoming Avengers move.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed.



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