Minn-Erva : Bio, Origin & History

Minn-Erva Origin

Real Name: Minn-Erva 

First Appearance: Captain Marvel #50 (May, 1977)

Powers: Superhuman strength and durability. Flight. High level intellect. 

Affiliation: Starforce

Did You Know? Minn-Erva appears in the Captain Marvel movie 

A Little History

Dr. Minerva was a respected scientist in the Kree Empire. As such, she believed that the secret to unlocking the genetic potential of the species lied outside of her people. She believed that the secret lived in Mar-Vell. Therefore, Dr. Minerva left the Kree and ventured to Earth. 

Once on Earth, she took hostage the former sidekick to Mar-Vell, Rick Jones. She planned to use Rick as a way to force Mar-Vell to breed with her. Her thought was that if she reproduced with him, she would be able to find a way to push the Kree beyond their current boundaries. After abducting Rick Jones, she lured in Mar-Vell and revealed to him what her plans were. Unfortunately, before anything could happen, the director of the Kree Science Council, Phae-Dor, stole Mar-Vell away so as to have him serve the Kree in the War of Three Galaxies. This meant that instead of reproducing with Minn-Erva, he was sent off to war. 

Frustrated, she continued her pursuit of Mar-vell only to be apprehended by her own kind. Worse yet, she was apprehended and left aboard her damaged space craft. All was not lost, however, as Mar-Vell found, rescued, and brought her back to Earth. He then returned to fight in the War of Three Galaxies. 

Eventually, Captain Att-Lass of the Kree came looking for her with the orders her back to Kree-Lar. She, had other plans. While on Earth, she discovered the Psyche-Magnetron. The Psyche-Magnetron, for reference, is the same device that gave Carol Danvers her power set. She then used the machine on herself and gained extremely high level abilities.

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