Mister Sinister (History) – Comic Basics

Mister Sinister 1

Real Name: Nathanial Essex

First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #212 (December 1986 (Name Only)), Uncanny X-Men #213 (January 1987 (Shadow Only)), Uncanny X-Men #221 (September 1987 (First Full Appearance))

Powers: Surgeon, Geneticist, Biologist, and Clonologist  Extended Lifespan and Enhanced Durability.  Superhuman Strength, Telekinesis, Control of the Molecular Level in his Body, Telepathy, and Projection of Concussive Energy from his Hands.

Affiliation: Weapon X, Third Reich, Nasty Boys, Marauders

Enemies: Apocalypse, Cyclops, Gambit, X-Men

Love Interests: Rebecca Essex

Did You Know: The last word his wife spoke to him were “sinister”, hence his name.

A Little History

Dr. Essex was widely considered the greatest scientist of his generation. His focus of study very specifically targeted human evolution and mutation. He took a very pro stance on Darwinism believing that all humans were fated to mutate eventually. The obsession with his experiments and the recent death of his son drove Nathaniel to a very dark place. This dark placed seemingly pushed his wife away and attracted the eye of the most powerful mutant in existence, Apocalypse.

Sharing his vision of evolution, Apocalypse offered Nathaniel a spot as his immediate disciple in exchange for his knowledge of genetics and mutation. Now a disciple of Apocalypse, Nathaniel Essex received immortality and his laundry list of powers from Apocalypse.

Now forced to choose between science and love, Nathaniel chose science. Seeing what her husband had become, Rebecca whispered the only words she could think of as she lay dying: “Sinister”.

Thus was born, Mister Sinister.

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