Moon Knight and Netflix Works – Here’s Why

Moon Knight

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe at an all-time high with box office numbers, I can’t help but wonder what’s next? I mean, we know that they know what they are doing and are willing to try just about anything, so what’s next?

If I was a Marvel Executve, the answer is simple. Moon Knight. Marc Spectre, Moon Knight. Baby Batman, Moon Knight. I wouldn’t, however, do it in Big Screen format. Small screen…Netflix small screen.

And here’s why Moon Knight and Netflix works

A small screen portrayal of the character would enable the studio the chance to flesh out who he is and why he’s so important to the brand. Think about it this way, 13 one hour episodes versus 2.5 hours. Yes, I know that some of the shows tend to be a few episodes too many but remember, some work perfectly at 13. I immediately think of Jessica Jones season one and the Daredevil show in its entirety.

A movie on the other hand, had the tendency to miss or leave out due to time constraints, important character developments or subplots. And if that doesn’t happen, they make movies for the sake of making them…Thor The Dark World.

Darker and edgier

Not to take anything away from the Silverscreen but they don’t have the power to go darker. I shouldn’t say this because Logan has proved this to be untrue, but I will because Marvel Studios has yet to release anything that even remotely resembles Logan.

Not on a streaming service. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and the Punisher are perfect examples of the beauty that can happen if the reigns are listened. These shows are more violent, brutal, bloodier, and vulgar than their silverscreen counterparts.

Sinply put, if Moon Knight were to be released it is far too “adult” to be released in a theatre.

Kingpin and Kilgrave = Raoul Bushman

One of the standing criticisms of the Marvel Studios movies is that the villains are cookie cutter with no real reason for what they are doing. Worse yet, the audience that watches them often complains that they are difficult to relate to.

Not the Kingpin or Kilgrave.

These two epitomize what it means to be a villain. They are perfectly cast, perfectly portrayed and show the audience that villains can be done right.

For this reason, Raoul Bushman would make an unbelievable addition to the MCU. Being the antithesis to Moon Knight, it would be fun to watch their drama show brutality unfold.

Unlike Maleketh, Ultron, or Ronan, Bushman would Ben well developed and interesting. As the show unfolded, the audience could grow a relationship with him that would rival the Kingpin and Kilgrave.

Working within the law

The way in which Moon Knight conducts himself bears a resemblance to that of Daredevil and Batman. The streaming services always do a great job of showing the struggle that the heres deal with. For Daredevil, it’s, of course, the way in which he flirts with both sides of the law. Lawyer by day and vigilante by night.

Moon Knight isn’t much different.

When studios take great care in showing the more human side of their characters, the are rewarded. When this happens, there is an immediate and nearly unbreakable connection made. And Moon Knight would shine.

Much like the struggle Bruce Wayne has, Marc Spectre would have. Here’s a man who has all the power in the world who is held powerless by the system he’s sworn to protect.

Captain America works within the confines of the law and is happy to do so. Marc Spectre…well…

Not a Matter of If…It’s Hopefully When…

It’s widely known that Daredevil screenwriter Stephen DeKnight has shown interest in writing Moon Knight. The problem is that he’s so busy doing other things, he can’t fit it in to his schedule. So, what’s next?

That answer is simple. There are 1000’s of good writers in the world so charge one of them with the task of bringing Moon Knight to the small screen. I have complete faith that like the one-time unknown Groot, Rocket Raccoon and Jessica Jones, Moon Knight would become a household name.

His story is amazing. The way he conducts business is made to be on a screen. And most of all, I want it to happen.

What are your thoughts? Should Marvel focus on this character? Do they take yet another chance on a relative unknown? Should they blend Moon Knight and Netflix? Will Moon Knight and Netflix even work? Let me know below.



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