Could It Be? Is There More Chew On The Way? Say It’s So!

More Chew Image Comics

More Chew. John Layman said More Chew. Two words that mean very little to most people, while at the same time, two words that mean oh so much.

Chew was a comic book published by Image Comics that ran 60 issues and is widely considered one of the best comics Image has ever produced. During its run, it won two Eisner Awards and the same amount of Harvey Awards.

After an outbreak of bird flu that cost the lives of 23 Million people, Chew is set in a world that has outlawed chickens and other bird-type meats. Stranger still, the world is now full of people who possess food related superpowers. 

The book follows Cibopathic FDA Agent, Tony Chu. As a Cibopath, Tony Chu receives psychic impressions from the things he eats. This means that he can see the past of any object he devours. If he eats, for example of a piece of pork, he can get glimpses of its life as a pig and the way in which it was killed and processed. 

But it doesn’t stop at only readily consumed animals.

Tony Chu can also get psychic impressions from people…alive or dead. Those around him catch wind of his abilities and have him eat the most ludicrous of items. 

While it’s welcoming to see creator John Layman reference his iconic work after years of dormancy, it’ll be interesting to see what it translates into. The original 60 issue run wrapped up neatly leaving as little loose ends as possible. I can’t imagine how he will continue the story but I suppose that’s why I’m writing for this site and not for Chew. 

No different than a drill Sargent saying, “Jump!” and the recruit asking “How high?”, John Layman says, “More Chew” and I say, “When?”

Sooner than later I hope.



Title Image © Image Comics

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