Here’s What Happened to Mother’s Milk in ‘The Boys’ Season 4: There Was No Recast


‘The Boys’ Season 4 debuted recently with its first three episodes. Despite a lukewarm reception compared to previous seasons, it marks a solid start for the penultimate season of the show.

Viewers have observed increased social commentary and violence, as well as a significant physical transformation of Marvin T. Milk, portrayed by Laz Alonso, also known as Mother’s Milk in the series.

In both the comics and the show, Mother’s Milk was known for his substantial presence and distinctive thick black beard. The actor’s dramatic transformation in the current season surprised many fans to the point where some speculated he had been recast.

In Season 4, Alonso appears without his beard and is noticeably slimmer. Upon realizing it was the same actor, fans feared the worst—that he might be ill, drawing comparisons to Chadwick Boseman, who appeared thinner before his public battle with and eventual death from colon cancer.

Fortunately, Alonso’s situation isn’t health-related. The actor simply dedicated himself to personal fitness during the break between seasons, a journey he openly shared on his private social media accounts.

Alonso underwent a DNA test with BioSynergy, which transformed his approach to supplements and workouts.

“What I loved about this DNA test is that it told me exactly what vitamins I needed, what supplements I needed, and what I didn’t need.” […]Anything that you put in your body that your body doesn’t need, your body is just gonna excrete, but it just puts your body under unnecessary stress, having to filter out stuff that you didn’t need in the first place. […] The DNA test was something that literally revolutionized the way that I look at supplementation and being healthy because I’m only putting in my body what my body is deficient in.

Alonso is clearly not ill or facing any adversity; he simply prioritized his health. Shedding excess weight often indicates improved well-being.

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