How Much Can Darkseid Lift? Compared to World Record Bench Press

Much Can Darkseid Lift Compared to World Record Bench Press

Darkseid is the tyrannical ruler of Apokolips who has invaded and conquered numerous worlds throughout the entirety of the Universe. He aims to enslave all beings to his will using the Anti-Life Equation, making him one of the most powerful villains in the DC Universe. He’s best known for his fiery omega beams, but he also possesses super strength. That said, how much can he lift?

Darkseid’s strength level is considered Class 100. This means he can effortlessly lift 100 tons, and in extreme cases, even exceed this limit. He can go toe-toe with the Man of Steel, which means that he, too, must be quite strong.

Darkseid has a host of powers and abilities that make him one of the most powerful beings in the DC universe. One of his least highlighted ones is his super strength which is the focus of today’s article. We’ll discuss how strong he is, how much he can lift in comparison to the current world record bench press, and his most impressive strength feats. So read on for all this.

What’s the World Record Bench Press?

The current world record bench press with no bench shirt is held by Julius Maddox, who was able to lift 782 lbs. With the aid of a bench shirt, the current world record bench press stands at 1320 lbs. and is held by Jimmy Kolb.

These represent humans who have undergone extensive training to be capable of such feats. Now, using this as a baseline, we can understand just how strong Darkseid is in human terms.


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How Strong is Darkseid?

Darkseid is unimaginably strong. He has a whole list of powers and abilities, but he has shown he could use his brute strength to dispatch any opponent. While he prefers using his intellect, he doesn’t shy away from using his immense strength.

Darkseid’s strength rivals that of Kryptonians. He has been depicted easily going toe-to-toe with Superman, who can easily benchpress the Earth. Any being capable of keeping up with Supes in a fight must be equally strong.

Darkseid’s strength level has been depicted as Class 100. This puts him on par with other powerful beings in the DC Universe.

How Much Can Darkseid Lift?

In the comics, Darkseid only fights opponents he deems worthy, like Superman or Orion. Therefore, it’s a bit hard to tell the exact extent of his strength. However, as we have already mentioned, he is categorized as Class 100. This means he can easily lift 100 tons and even exceed this threshold.

This is in line with the depictions of Darkseid over the years. He has fought Superman on several occasions and on won some of them as well as the immensely powerful god Zeus. Only a handful of characters in the DC Universe would have done the same. Darkseid’s strength alone places him in an almost god-like status.

Darkseid’s Most Impressive Strength Feats

Darkseid is no pushover when it comes to strength. Though he rarely comes up in debates of the same breath, he has proven time and time again that he is capable of performing incredible feats of strength. These include:

  • He injured Hal Jordan- He effortlessly and severely injured Hal Jordan, who is easily the strongest lantern, with just a single punch.
  • Punched Superman through the Source-Wall- The Source-Wall is an extremely impregnable barrier that surrounds the Multiverse. This was an extreme example of Darkseid’s strength, considering nothing can go through the Source Wall.
  • Ripped a hole through reality- Using just his bare hand, Darkseid was able to rip open a hole in reality. This is one of his most extreme showings of strength.
  • Destroying a Green Lantern ring- A Lantern Ring is one of the hardest things in the entire DC Universe to destroy. Despite this, Darkseid was able to destroy a Green Lantern ring with just one hand.
  • Defeated a perfect clone of Orion- Orion’s strength level is far more than 100 tons making him one of the most powerful beings. Darkseid was able to defeat a clone of Orion who had the same capabilities as the original.
  • Physically beat up Eclipso- Eclipso possesses incalculable strength. He’s among the physically strongest beings in the DC Universe. His strength matches the likes of Superman. Despite this, Darkseid was able to defeat him.
  • Easily beat Jimmy Olsen- Despite Jimmy Olsen being infused with the power of the New Gods, Darkseid was able to beat him with minimum effort.
  • Broke Earth-2 Doctor Fate’s magical bindings- With magic augmenting his power, Doctor Fate’s strength is quite considerable. He has gone toe-to-toe with the immensely strong Superman showing the extreme levels of his strength. Darkseid was able to dispatch Doctor Fate’s magical bindings, which must have been a hard thing to do.
  • Evenly matched Anti-Monitor- New 52 Darkseid traded blows with New 52 Anti-Monitor, who is capable of casually destroying an entire universe. Darkseid and Anti-Monitor are referred to as the strongest beings in the New 52 Universe. The two could destroy the New 52 reality in their struggle.


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  • Ripped off Cyborg’s arms- Cyborg’s body is made of depleted promethium alloyed with titanium and vanadium. This makes him near-invulnerable. In addition to this, Cyborg is extremely strong; his strength limit has been estimated between 2-4 tons. Darkseid was able to break off Cyborg’s arms surprisingly easily.
  • Destroyed the Hellbat suit- The Hellbat suit is one of the most powerful suits to ever be created. It was forged together by the Justice League and built by Batman to help him in battles beyond his strength level. Despite the Hellbat being nearly indestructible, Darkseid was able to destroy it with his physical might.
  • Beat a team of Darkstars- Darkstars are an intergalactic police organization that protects the universe. They have power comparable to Green Lanterns. Darkseid was able to defeat a whole troop of them on his own, which is no mean feat.
  • Destroying Lantern’s constructs- Green Lanterns are some of the most powerful beings in the entire universe. Darkseid cannot fall prey to Green Lantern’s constructs. He can easily destroy them.
  • He held open a hole between two dimensions with his raw strength.
  • Darkseid is so strong that his battle with the equally strong Superman shook the Tartaros star system.
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