‘My Adventures With Superman’ Stars Jack Quaid, Alice Lee & Ishmel Sahid Tease Season 2 Storylines

my adventures with superman season 2 preview

‘My Adventures With Superman’ is an animated series that offers a fresh take on the classic Superman story. The series also focuses on a young Clark Kent as he begins his journey to becoming Superman. It also explores the early days of his relationship with Lois Lane and his friendship with Jimmy Olsen.

The second season of the show arrives on May 25th, which is just a few days away, which is why the starts of the show took the opportunity to discuss the upcoming season as much as they could.

Season 1 heavily teased that we would be dealing with Krypton in season 2, and now in the interview with ScreenRant, Quaid, Lee, and Sahid reveal what’s to come. First, Quaid discussed the upcoming introduction of the Superman-Supergirl dynamic, and fans can expect the dynamic to change, at least when compared to other adaptations:

I will say that what I love about our show is that it takes kind of the Superman formula that we’re all used to, it turns it on its head sometimes, while still like staying true to all the history. We definitely mix things up a little bit

Alice Lee revealed what’s in store for Lois Lane and how her career and personality will evolve over the course of the second season:

Now we finally see her becoming an official reporter right at the end of season one. So now, she’ll be competing for stories with Vicki Vale, which is very interesting because that was like her idol. Now to see her becoming like her own and actually competing with her idol for the same stories is going to be really fun. That’s just on the reporting side. On the personal side, [there is] also a lot of growth happening, a lot of doubt, but it’ll be cool to see how she kind of gets through it all.

The episodes will air on Saturday, May 25, 2024, on cable, and on Sunday, May 26, 2024, on streaming platforms in the U.S.

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