Neil Gaiman Denies Allegations of Sexual Attack & Criticizes New Zealand Police


Recently, shocking allegations of sexual attack resurfaced against popular author Neil Gaiman. The allegations were first brought to light by Tortoise Media. According to reports, two women have accused the author of sexual assault while they were in a consenting relationship with him.

According to the alleged victims, Gaiman subjected them to degrading and rough sexual relations, and that sex was not always consensual.

One of the women who came forward with the accusations identified as Scarlett, alleges she was sexually assaulted in February 2022 after meeting Gaiman. She claims the incident occurred in a bath at his New Zealand home, where she worked as a nanny. Gaiman contends their interactions were consensual, describing them as cuddling and making out, followed by a consensual three-week relationship. Scarlett asserts Gaiman’s behavior was rough and degrading, supported by messages and accounts from friends.

The second accuser, identified as K, states she met Gaiman as an 18-year-old fan at a book signing in Sarasota, Florida, in 2003. Allegedly, their relationship turned romantic when she turned 20, involving instances of rough sex that she did not want or enjoy. K claims one incident involved Gaiman forcibly penetrating her despite her objections.

The accusations were serious enough to draw the attention of New Zealand police who is currently investigating the matter. The author himself came forward denying the accusations claiming that the women simply feel regretful over their consensual relationship.

Neil Gaiman denies all allegations of non-consensual sex made against him by two women. He suggests that K’s accusations stem from regret over their past relationship, while he attributes Scarlett’s allegations to a condition associated with false memories, though this claim is not supported by her medical records according to the Tortoise report.

Gaiman also criticized the New Zealand police, claiming they ignored his offer to assist with one woman’s complaint in 2022, implying deficiencies in their investigation. However, New Zealand authorities responded, stating they have made multiple efforts to interview key individuals involved, and the investigation is ongoing, considering various factors including the geographic locations of all parties.

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