Finally, The Netflix Iron Fist Costume Is Here And You Should Be Excited

Netflix Iron Fist Costume

After many months of criticism and a little Luke Cage fix, it looks as though Danny Rand has embraced who and what the Iron Fist is. Well, maybe this isn’t completely true. Having not watched the second season (it isn’t out at the time of this writing), I can’t say for certain that his demeanor has changed that much. Although, if his appearance in Luke Cage is any indication…

However, what I can say is that, no matter what, he’s gonna look awesome. Finally, from the look of the latest trailer, Danny Rand is going to wear that big, beautiful yellow headpiece that the Iron Fist is known for. I couldn’t be happier.

We saw a glimpse of it in a season one flashback and wondered where Danny’s was. I can’t speak for you but I clung on to each semi-interesting moment hoping that he would embrace the costume. One of a few things that got us through the season was the hope that costume gave.

Nope. Notta. Never did. 13 episodes up and 13 episodes down. All without the costume. That looks to change…and it should. After all, one of the things about the character is his look. His look has the perfect color combination of green, yellow, and black. 


Look, I get it, Marvel.

Some costumes just don’t work outside of comic books. The Michael Bay Ninja Turtles and every version of Quicksilver adapted instantly comes to mind. In fact, over at Den of Geek, Finn Jones has said this of the costume, “The thing with all of these shows is not that we’re shy to bring the costumes. It’s that we want them to feel authentic when it does happen. Danny’s on this journey to understanding what his responsibility is. And throughout all of season one, he was in no state of mind to put a suit on. That would’ve been ridiculous because he was not fully accomplished as the Iron Fist yet and he certainly didn’t have the right or the responsibility to be putting on a superhero costume. He needs to work his shit out.”

But the Netflix Iron Fist costume isn’t one of those costumes.

And remember this about Danny:

  1. He’s a literal ninja fighting bad guys on the streets of New York
  2. His chemistry with Luke Cage is perfect
  3. He’s a ninja 
  4. He doesn’t need money
  5. He’s a ninja

And ninja’s need costumes and that flashback showed how cool the costume would be. Besides, if the Netflix Iron Fist costume ends up being only half as good as it looks, it’s still better than nothing.



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