NetherRealm Studios’ Creative Director Teases Ideas for ‘Injustice 3’

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Superhero characters are a vital part of entertainment these days. Not only are we getting numerous live-action and animated movies and TV shows, but there are also plenty of video games that are based on characters that Marvel Comics and DC Comics spawned. One of the most known is the fighting video game ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us,’ which was released in 2013 and followed by the sequel ‘Injustice 2’ in 2017.

The ‘Injustice’ franchise was created by NetherRealm Studios, a company known for modern ‘Mortal Kombat’ games, and since Mortal Kombat is spawning another game every few years, there have been many questions and requests from fans for another ‘Injustice’ game. It’s been six years since ‘Injustice 2’ was released, and we can see how ‘Mortal Kombat’ has been getting another sequel every four years since the studio acquired the franchise from Midway Games.

The ‘Injustice’ director says there are ideas for another potential game!

NetherRealm Studios’ newest game, ‘Mortal Kombat 1,’ is set to be released next month, and while talking with, the company’s creative director talked about the possibility of another Injustice game. Although he played coy, he said there are certainly ideas for it.

“The way it works with me, at least, I can’t speak about everybody else, is I always have a notepad file on my computer with ideas of like, ‘Oh, we could do this, we could do that.’ And I started an ‘Injustice 3’ one when we were on ‘Injustice 2.’ There’s always a hit list of ideas and concepts, and look into this, look into that. So there’s absolutely a file that exists.”

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‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’ was released in 2013. The game’s storyline was set in an alternate universe where Superman became an evil dictator after he killed the Joker and lost his way for truth, justice, and the American way. The Justice League split up between heroes who joined Superman’s cause and heroes who decided to fight alongside Batman against Superman’s reign.

The game’s storyline was presented through cutscenes, and gameplay featured classic one-on-one fighting in a 2.5D arena, similar to ‘Mortal Kombat.’ The game’s storyline was praised, as well as its voice acting. The direct sequel was released in 2017, and it wrapped up the evil Superman storyline for good. The franchise also spawned a prequel comic book and an animated movie in 2021, which received a negative response from the fans of the game.

So, if ‘Injustice 3’ happens, it’s safe to say it’ll need some brand new story. Kevin Conroy, the legendary Batman voice actor, voiced Batman in both ‘Injustice’ games. Unfortunately, he passed away last year, and we won’t hear his iconic voice in potential ‘Injustice 3.’

NetherRealm Studios’s newest video game, ‘Mortal Kombat 1,’ is scheduled to be released on September 19.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you think ‘Injustice 3’ needs to happen, or would it be an unnecessary sequel after the events of ‘Injustice 2’? Let us know in the comments.

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