What’s Going on With ‘New Jedi Order’? Rey’s Standalone Movie Reportedly Faces Scripting & Filming Difficulties


Initially announced in April 2023, the ‘New Jedi Order’ marked the return of Star Wars to theaters since 2019’s ‘The Rise of Skywalker.’ An untitled Star Wars movie was slated for May 22, 2026, a date Lucasfilm had not publicly confirmed until earlier this year when ‘The Mandalorian and Grogu,’ a sequel to the hit Disney+ series, was announced with filming set to begin soon.

The latest update regarding the movie was given by Steven Knight who confirmed that he is working on the script, and the reports claim that ‘New Jedi Order’ for now doesn’t seem to be locked down in a trilogy, instead of planned as a standalone movie.

Despite numerous rumors that the shooting is expected to start soon, Bespin Bulletin reports that this might not be the case after all, and the movie is not even expected to start shooting this year. The reports claim that this is due to multiple factors, the WGA strike being the first and foremost, and script issues. The latter of which seems surprising.

There’s speculation that Lucasfilm might seek a new writer for the project, but this doesn’t necessarily mean Steven Knight is leaving. It’s possible they’re looking for additional help to assist Knight with the script or to polish it. Knight is expected to remain involved with the project moving forward.

Directed by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, the film follows Rey’s journey to rebuild the Jedi Order. Originally, Damon Lindelof and Justin Britt-Gibson were set to write, but Steven Knight took over. The story is set 15 years after ‘Rise of Skywalker,’ exploring the post-war, post-First Order galaxy with the Jedi in disarray. Kathleen Kennedy shared that Rey is working to fulfill her promise to Luke and rebuild the Jedi Order based on ancient texts.

Recently, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy said that she is already facing criticism for the movie but she plans on ignoring the negative feedback until she is done.

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