Ok, So The New Mutants Movie Is Still Happening…For Now

The New Mutants Movie
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So, the New Mutants movie is on again? After days, weeks, months, and almost years, Disney has given a definitive update on what they’re doing with the New Mutants Movie. During Disney’s presentation at this years CinemaCon, it was revealed that the studio plans to move ahead and release the movie. This news is welcomed as nobody, the actors included, knew what the Hell was going on with the movie.

Of it, Masie Williams told Rolling Stone, “Who knows when the fuck that’s gonna come out.” 

What Disney has not said is whether or not the movie will hit the big screen or small screen. I suppose that at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter. With push back after push back, the fact that the New Mutants movie is still happening is a miracle. 

Now, whether or not the movie will still be a horror movie is up for debate. A company with a friendly mouse as its mascot isn’t exactly known for creating family unfriendly movies. Remember, Fox brought it in for reshoots multiple times after screenings led the company to believe that it wasn’t scary enough. In fact, the former rights owner brought it in for more reshoots than my toddler can count…and he can count pretty well.

Either way, the New Mutants movie is a go perhaps leaving them to join other X-Men properties like Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Magneto, and Gambit (?) in the MCU? 

The New Mutants brings some fan-favorite and some unknown characters to the mainstream. This include but aren’t limited to Wolfsbane, Cannonball, Magik, and Sunspot. The movie was supposed to hit theatres August 2nd and whether it does or doesn’t in inconsequential. I’m just happy that it’s still coming.



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