Night Thrasher: Bio, Origin & History

Night Thrasher

Real Name: Dwayne Taylor

First Appearance: Thor #411 (December, 1989)

Powers: Immune to telepathic probes and a skilled fighter

Affiliation: New Warriors, Psionex, Folsom’s Circle, Folding Circle, and the Taylor Foundation

Did You Know? Night Thrasher is responsible for the creation of the New Warriors

A Little History…

The product of violence, Dwayne Taylor grew up believing that his parents had been killed by criminals. His guardians, Chord and Tai, aided Taylor is his quest for revenge. They did this by assisting him in his training to become Night Thrasher.

Taylor spent the next long while training to become someone who could carry out his very personal quest. On his first “mission” he befriended fellow heroes, Silhouette and Midnight’s Fire. These two had spent their crime fighting existence gaining the trust of criminals, infiltrating the organization, and bringing them to justice. Impressed by the two, Taylor joined their ranks.

Unfortunately, their bond was short-lived and would not last.

Tragedy struck one night when the three were caught off guard by the police. Worried that the police mistook them for criminals, Midnight’s Fire threw a blade in their direction. Even though Taylor stopped the blade, the police pulled their guns. This melée resulted in Silhouette becoming terribly injured and needing medical assistance. This spelt the end of the partnership.

Dejected, Taylor left the group leaving Midnight’s Fire seeking revenge for the damage he had caused to Silhouette.

Over time, Taylor realized that he needed more. After very little thought, he sought out more training and created a grounds for which he could do so. While doing these, he also bolstered his armor, his weapons and brought together a team of heroes called the New Warriors.

Its original members include Nova, Firestar, Marvel Boy, Namorita, Speedball, and, of course, Night Thrasher.

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