C’mon Marvel, When Is Nova and Kl’rt The Super Skrull Coming?

Rafa Grassetti Super Skrull Head

If God of War art director Rafa Grassetti, has any say in it, the MCU’s on again, off again inclusion of Nova and the Super Skrull would look pretty badass.

In alignment with many of the other MCU characters, Nova sports a sleek combination of every aspect of his history and the trademark points the MCU is known for. I wouldn’t have expected anything less.

Rafa Grassetti Nova
Rafa Grassetti Nova Full Body

History has shown that Marvel does a great job of costuming their heroes with get-ups that pull from the pages of the comics without using over-the-top colour palettes. Look at Sam Wilson. The MCU version is streamline and tactile. The comic book version looks like Christmas came early.

By this logic, Nova looks awesome. And the Super Skrull echoes Nova. 

Grassetti’s Super Skrull follows the traditional purple look of the character all-the-while building his own unique elements in.  Kl’rt’s look is sleek, powerful, and commands the attention of his army. 

Rafa Grassetti Super Skrull

Kevin Feige

Hopefully, the added attention grabs the attention of Kevin Feige. The Skrulls are set to appear in Captain Marvel and perhaps this means Kl’ty isn’t far behind… After all, now that the Fantastic Four is firmly back at home, all of their enemies are back too.

There is hope and speculation that they will join Annihilus, Galactus, and all the properties currently at Marvel (Drax, Star-Lord, Thanos, etc…) in an adaptation of the Annihilation story arc. If they do, I may cry. 

Annihilation saw a cosmic take-over by the hand of Annihilus. One by one planets, creatures, and entire races fell before the insect. Eventually, when all seemed lost, Thanos gave aid, freed a captured Galactus, and turned the galactic war in favor of all those who banded together against Annihilus. 

As far as Marvel spectacles go, Annihilation is the cream of the crop. Making it the next movie wide event while bringing these two to the big screen could make the last ten years a distant memory. 



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