Top 10 Most Feared Nova Villains of All Time

most dangerous nova enemies
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As of this writing, Nova is the most anticipated character to have yet to debut in the MCU. Fans have clamored for him to make an appearance since the Guardians of the Galaxy made theirs. This is so much that when the Guardians appeared on Xandar, we all asked the same question…where is Nova? In the upcoming years, Marvel is gearing up to unleash a whole new set of films and shows. Nova will hopefully be one of them.

I hope that it’s ok with you but in anticipation of his big screen debut, I took the liberty of putting together a list of his most important enemies. Most, as you will see, aren’t your everyday Marvel villains. Instead, most are loyal…as far as loyal enemies go…to Nova. Anyway, without further ado, I present to you the top 10 most feared Nova enemies.

10. Annihilus

Annihilus and Annihilation

Annihilus and his Annihilation Wave were responsible for the destruction of Xandar and the Nova Corps. After the wave destroyed Xandar and the Nova Corps, Richard Rider was imbued with the entirety of the Nova Force and the world’s mind. With it, he became arguably the most powerful man in the cosmos. 


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Aside from giving Richard Rider unbelievable power, Annihilus is the ruler of the Negative Zone. As its ruler, he wields the Cosmic Control Rod. With it, he is given a set of superpowers that many only dream of. If you think that Annihilus is an enemy of the Fantastic Four and Annihilation didn’t happen, I’d probably agree with you. But it did happen. Therefore, I can’t agree with you. Annihilus is also one of Nova’s enemies.

9. Galactus


Galactus is the devourer of worlds. This means that he travels from world to world and planet to planet, feeding on their energy. Once devoid of energy, he leaves whichever planet he’s on and makes his way to the next one. To be able to feed on entire planets must mean that Galactus possess immeasurable power…and he does.

Galactus is immortal, invulnerable, can bestow others with incredible power, is able to come back from the dead, project energy, and, of course, drain energy. Oh, and all of this doesn’t even include the fact that he’s bigger than entire worlds.

8. Thanos

Infinity Gauntlet

If it seems like a cop-out to place Thanos on this list, understand that all cosmic beings are enemies to Thanos. Therefore, Thanos is one of Nova’s enemies.  Although he helped turn the tide of the Annihilation event, Thanos is a supremely evil character. Not only is he physically superior to most beings around him, intelligent beyond imagination, and an offshoot of the Eternals, Thanos, at times and with the help of the Infinity Gauntlet, but is also immensely powerful.

With the Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos instantly becomes one of the most feared beings in all of Marvel. The Gauntlet grants him anything and everything that you could think of. It can control all manner of time, manipulate the very fabric of space, grant the user both telepathy and telekinesis, and more.  If all of this doesn’t convince you, remember this. Thanos is such an important villain that Marvel Studios actually included Nova as a character in Avengers Endgame before scrapping the idea.

7. Apox

Apox Origin

Apox is an Omega Skrull created as a result of genetic experimentation. He was made to be the ultimate weapon for the Skrulls. Unfortunately, shortly after his creation, he killed those responsible for his being. And why?

The experimentation caused him to become vastly superior to all those around him. This made Apox view himself as a God. When his creators refused to bow and see him as such, he killed them. As an Omega Skrull, Apox is able to tap into the Power Cosmic, travel to the deepest parts of space, and exist in worlds and areas that few can. Further to these, he possesses telekinesis, telepathy, and superhuman strength. 

6. Blastaar


Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Blastaar first appeared back in 1962. He, like many other of Marvel’s most powerful creatures, hails from the Negative Zone. Blastaar is a member of the Baluurian race and was, at one point, its ruler. Unfortunately, those whom he ruled rose up and overthrew him. Once overthrown, Blastaar was locked inside a containment suit and sent adrift through the Negative Zone.


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As a creature of the Negative Zone, Blastaar has access to advanced technology, can project massive amounts of energy, has neverending stamina, and more.

5. Diamondhead 

Diamondhead Origin

Archibald Dyker grew up as a troubled child from South Hampton. As a child, he was always causing mischief and getting into situations that most would deem inappropriate. Worse yet, as he grew, so too did his desire for more. This was so much that he eventually turned a promising life as a body champion into a life of thievery. 

Things changed for Archibald during an attempt to steal a precious stone. While stealing the stone, he got caught up in a laser. As a by-product of the laser, his body was transformed into a diamond-like substance and he became incredibly strong. With his new powers, the now-called Diamondhead set out to make a name for himself…that is until he was defeated by Nova.

4. Powerhouse

Powerhouse Origin

Making his initial appearance inside the pages of Nova #2, Powerhouse has become one of Nova’s greatest enemies. Powerhouse was a member of the Nova Corps, who, after being sent on a mission, was caught in a meteor shower. The meteor shower made contact with his ship and sent him falling to the Earth. After crash landing on Earth, he was found by Condor and brainwashed into attacking the Nova Corps. 

As one of the greatest Nova enemies, Powerhouse has a pretty incredible powerset. He possesses superhuman strength, can absorb the energy from most sources thereby increasing his own strength, can absorb the energy from an attack and redirect it back at his opponent, and create a psionic link with his enemy which allows him to control them and their powers.

3. Dr. Sun

Dr Sun Origin

Originally, Dr. Sun was a brilliant scientist who worked for the People’s Republic of China. While working, he created a program that allowed the human brain to be successfully transplanted and supported by a life support system. After being sentenced to death, it was decided that Dr. Sun was to be subjected to his own experiment.

The experiment was a resounding success and not only did his brain survive, but it was also transplanted into a robot. When the brain was linked to the computer’s bank, Dr. Sun gained psionic abilities. He then attacked the doctors responsible and left China. As a robot/human hybrid, Dr. Sun possesses superhuman strength, near-invulnerability, and the aforementioned psionic powers.

2. Sphinx 

Like many others on this list, Sphinx first appeared during Nova’s initial run. Sphinx was created by Marv Wolfman and Sal Buscema and debuted in Nova #6. Anath-Na Mut was a magician in the court of the Egyptian Pharoah, Ramesses II. Beaten in a duel of magic by Moses, Anath-Na Mut was banished to the desert never to be heard from again…or so it seemed.

Eventually, Mut stumbled across the Ka Stone and the stone granted him immortality and other powers. Now immortal, he aimlessly wandered the Earth for thousands of years saddened by the thought that he would have to wander forever. After hearing of a human given incredible power by the Xandarians, he drew the conclusion that the machine might be the way to end his immortality. This, of course, caused him to become one of Nova’s greatest enemies. 

1. Garthan Saal

Garthan Saal Origin

Garthan Saal is a former Nova Corps member who, after controlling the entire power of the Nova Corps, grew to an incredible size and was driven mad. After returning from the Time Stream, Saal learned that a small amount of the Nova Force still existed and did so inside the human, Richard Rider. Furious that Rider, whom he deemed unworthy, was given the entirety of the Nova Force, Saal ventured to Earth and successfully drained Rider of his power, nearly killing him.


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As a former and now again a member of the Nova Corps, Garthan Saal possesses many of the same powers as the other members of the Corps. This includes super strength and durability, flight, and both energy projection and absorption. 

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