Oh Tom Holland, Will We See Hydro-Man In Spider-Man Far From Home?

Hydro-Man In Spider-Man Far From Home
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Has Tom Holland done it again? He couldn’t possibly have, could he?

While promoting Spider-Man Far From Home and on the set of the movie, Tom Holland proclaims that he does all of his own stunts. He explains that like Tom Cruise, he too does them himself. This, as the audience sees, is a farce.

Shortly after making the bold claim, we see his stunt double behind him getting blasted by a large jet of water. Aside from being humorous, this may elude to something more.

Spider-Man Far From Home Hydro-Man

Eagle-eyed fans are always looking to find Easter Eggs and more meaning in scenes than what is to be intended. Just look at the never-ending quest to find everything the recently let go James Gunn left in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. In this instance, many have begun to speculate that this scene may mean that the longtime Spider-Man villain, Hydro-Man is set of appear in the movie.


Hydro-Man first appeared in Spider-Man #212 a way back in 1981. Morris Bench was inadvertently knocked into a body of water right at, coincidentally, the same time that a new generator was being tested. From the accident, Bench was granted the ability to control nearby water and turn himself into the element.

With Jake Gyllenhaal rumored to play Mysterio, Hydro-Man looks to be a bit player. However, seeing as how Marvel movies have started to include more than one villain, it would come as no surprise to see Hydro-Man in Spider-Man Far From Home as its second.

Of course, this may be reading into something that isn’t there. Who knows, maybe it’s just a fire hydrant exploding? Time will tell.

Spider-Man Far From Home is set to be the first movie after the conclusion of Infinity War part 2. It is set to release in July of 2019.



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