The One Above All vs. The Presence: Who Is Stronger?

One Above All vs The Presence Who Is Stronger
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In the world of comic books, two supreme beings reign over their respective universes – The One Above All and The Presence. These characters are often considered to be the ultimate authority figures in their respective comic book universes and are said to possess almost limitless power. But when it comes down to it, who is truly stronger? Is it the enigmatic and mysterious One Above All or the all-powerful and ever-present Presence?

The One Above All is more powerful than The Presence due to being the ultimate authority of the Marvel Universe. At the same time, even though The Presence holds unlimited powers in the DC Universe, it is not the ultimate authority much, in the same way, The One Above All is. The Presence was created, shaped, and inspired by outside forces, meaning he is not the ultimate creator of everything. 

Now that we’ve covered that The One Above All trumps The Presence, it’s time to analyze exactly why. If you want to see how these two creators measure up against each other, stay with us and keep reading!

Powers and abilities

Both The One Above All and The Presence have unlimited powers at their disposal. They are omnipresent, omniscient, “omni-everything,” if you will. This is because they are basically the source of all life, creation, and powers in the Universe.


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The ability to manipulate destiny and reality is simply one aspect of their persona, just like the ability to destroy is another manifestation of their powers. So, in theory, both The One Above All and The Presence have infinite powers to create and manipulate and, likewise, to destroy. This makes comparing their powers rather easy or hard, depending on how you look at it. Due to this, both entities get the point. 

Points: the One Above All (1:1) The Presence


We’re usually comparing the levels of durability when it comes to our respective characters, and that wouldn’t make much sense in this context, considering that both The One Above All and The Presence are entities outside of the scope of terms such as “harm” and “dying.” Still, you would be surprised to know that both entities have been defeated in their respective universes. Thanos defeated the One Above All in The Infinity Conflict storyline.

thanos the one above all

Thanos used the so-called “Astral Regulators” and their powers to bring an end to the ultimate creator. Astral Regulators are artifacts of creation, created by The One Above All, to keep the Universes contained inside the Multiverse from crashing into each other and destroying each other. By describing this artifact, you’ve probably figured out that Astral Regulators hold a decent amount of powers usually reserved only for The One Above All.

Still, Thanos managed to get his hold on Astral Regulators, and after absorbing their powers, he proceeded to absorb The One Above All as well. It’s important to mention the fact that this particular story is not canon by any means.  

Even though we can only assume that The One Above All wanted that to happen, still the question posed by the Tribunal remains, whether he was even capable of stopping it. 

The Presence was defeated on several occasions, he was not killed, but Gabriel, Lucifer, and Mandrakk overpowered him. Whether he allowed this to happen or didn’t, we’re still going to consider that. 

Mandrakk The Presence

Due to this, the point in the invulnerability category goes to The One Above All. 

Points: the One Above All (2:1) The Presence

Origin & level of existence 

The One Above All is the source of all things. He was the first thing in existence and will be the last thing in existence. His creation is infinite and contains everything and everyone. Even the dark aspect of the Universe that contains everything evil and malevolent is yet another aspect of The One Above All – known as The One Below All. The One Above All is capable of shaping the forces that create and the forces that destroy. He is at both ends of the balance. He is the writer, editor, and illustrator of Marvel Comics. 

On the other hand, we have The Presence. He was not the first thing that existed. The Presence himself was shaped and created by the primordial external forces that came before him, and while The One Above All is capable of accessing all of reality at any time, due to being completely outside it as a writer, The Presence is not able to access every state of reality in DC Universe.


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The Sea of Brahma is completely inaccessible to him. The Sea of Brahma is void of unexistence and nothingness in the DC universe, and it’s the “place” where everything came from, even the creators. The Presence likewise did not create everything in the DC Universe, as dark aspects of reality manifested themselves when The Presence started shaping up the world.

The One Above All has a superior origin and superior level of existence when compared to The Presence, as the One Above All is truly outside of everything. At the same time, The Presence was created with everything in mind. The Presence is neither the oldest thing in existence nor was he responsible for creating everything that exists like the One Above All is. The point in this category goes to The One Above All. 

Points: the One Above All (3:1) The Presence

The One Above All vs. The Presence: Who is stronger, and who wins? 

The One Above All is stronger than The Presence. Even though both entities are at the top of the power hierarchy (presumably) in their respective universes, if, by chance, they found themselves in the same Universe, The One Above All would be able to win this fight due to his ability to act from outside of the Universe. He is not simply yet another aspect of creation. He was the one that created creation and everything imaginable. The Presence was shaped by external forces, which means that he is the one responsible for creating everything. He also doesn’t have access to all of the existence like The One Above All has. Due to The One Above All’s the superior origin and level of existence, he wins the fight. 

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