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Origin of Absorbing Man

Origin of Absorbing Man

Real Name: Carl “Crusher” Creel

First Appearance: Journey Into Mystery #114 (March 1965) 

Powers: Can mimic any form of matter (physical, mystical, or energy) through physical contact.

Affiliation: Masters of Evil, Lethal Legion, Worthy, and Astonishing Avengers

Did You Know? Carl Creel was given his powers by Loki as a way to defeat Thor

A Little History

The origin of Absorbing Man is pretty straightforward. 

Absorbing Man first debuted in Journey Into Mystery #114 back in March of 1965. He was created by the legendary duo of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. 

After drinking a beverage in which Loki had placed a potion inside, former boxer and lifelong criminal Carl Creel developed the ability to absorb the properties of almost anything he touched. With his new power, Creel devised a plan to escape from prison. His plan saw him absorb the metal from the prison guards bullets. Once escaped, he sought out and successfully fought Thor to a standstill.

Shortly after the stalemate, Creel broke into a house, and began attacking each of the people who were home. Things could’ve been bad for the inhabitants had Thor not shown up. Learning from his previous battle with Absorbing Man, Thor decided rather than using brute force to win, he’d use his intelligence. To do this, he tricked Absorbing Man into absorbing the properties of helium. As nothing more than an inflated balloon, he didn’t stand a chance against the God and quickly lost the battle.

Fast forward a bit and Loki reveals to Carl Creel the true nature and origin of his power. Humbled and feeling indebted, he begins to act as Loki’s servant and would remain there for the next few years.

And that’s it, that’s all. The origin of Absorbing Man.

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