Alfred Pennyworth: Bio, Origin & History

Origin of Alfred Pennyworth

Real Name: Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth

First Appearance: Batman #16 (April, 1943)

Powers: Alfred doesn’t actually possess any inherent powers. Instead, he’s an expert butler, is proficient in both first aid and computers, and is a trained actor.

Affiliation: Batfamily, Wayne Family

Did You Know? Alfred Pennyworth is the longtime butler of Bruce Wayne

A Little History

The origin of Alfred Pennyworth is pretty straightforward. 

As it’s written, Alfred is a retired actor and intelligence specialist who followed the dying wishes of his father. His father wished that he would carry on the family tradition of serving the Wayne Family. After his father‘s death, Alfred introduced himself to both Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson. Although the two didn’t want him around (they feared he’d find out their secret as Batman and Robin), they let him in because neither had the heart to turn him away. At first Alfred had no idea that Bruce Wayne was Batman and that Dick Grayson was Robin. After accidentally pressing a switch and opening a door to the Batcave, he quickly learned their secrets. 

His discovery was later changed to show that during his first night at Wayne Manor he followed the sound of moaning voices. The moaning led him to a secret passage, to which he walked through. Once on the other side, he discovered both Bruce and Dick in their superhero costumes. 

And it’s lucky he did.

Upon discovering the duo, he also learned that both had significant injuries. With his first aid training he was able to A) mend the superheroes back to health and B) gain their trust. With their trust now firmly placed in him, Alfred rapidly became an integral member of the Batfamily. 

And that’s it. The origin of Alfred Pennyworth.

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