Carmine Falcone: Bio, Origin & History

Carmine Falcone
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Real Name: Carmine Falcone

First Appearance: Batman #405 (March, 1987)

Powers: Carmine Falcone doesn’t have any superpowers in the traditional sense. Instead, he’s a highly influential and intelligent crime boss, who is heavily connected to Gotham’s underworld.

Affiliation: Falcone Family

Did You Know? Carmine Falcone first appeared in Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli’s acclaimed Batman Year One story.

A Little History

The origin of Carmine Falcone is pretty straightforward. 

Carmine’s connection to the Wayne family dates back to long ago. During the famed Long Halloween novel, a young Carmine is brought by his father, Vincent, to Wayne Manor in hopes that Thomas Wayne was willing to operate on him. Vincent was forced to take Carmine to the elder Wayne for two reasons. First, the opposing Mob Boss, Luigi Maroni, had shot Carmine numerous times. Second, Vincent feared that if he went to a public hospital Maroni would show up and finish the job. Without much deliberation, Wayne operated on and saved Carmine’s life. Never forgetting what his father did for him, at Thomas Wayne’s funeral Carmine tells Bruce he is always able to ask a favor from him.

As it’s told in Batman: Year One, Carmine practically runs both the underworld and overworld of Gotham. Because he controls the Mayor, the Police Commission, City Council, and most other influential bodies, he is as untouchable as the Mona Lisa. As untouchable as he is, however, he hasn’t been able to control Batman. This is no more evident than when Batman made his debut on the streets of Gotham. 

In his first real conflict with Falcone, Batman crashed a dinner party hosted by the crime boss. This was no ordinary party. No, at this party were some of the most corrupt and wealthy citizens that Gotham had to offer. After easily overpowering the security the party hired, Batman made a vow to all in attendance that he would bring each and every one of them to justice…Falcone included.

As Falcone learned over the next little while, Batman couldn’t be stopped. In fact, shortly after the party, Batman made his way into the bedroom of Falcone, stripped him to his underwear, tied him to a bed and dumped his car into a river. Furious and for the first time in history feeling his power slip, he ordered Batman to be killed…something that stands in effect to this day.

And that’s it. The origin of Carmine Falcone.

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