Kid Eternity: Bio, Origin & History

Origin of Kid Eternity DC

Real Name: Christopher Freeman

First Appearance: Hit Comics #25, (December, 1962)

Powers: Kid Eternity can turn himself invisible. He can also switch back and forth from insubstantial to solid. Furthermore, he can summon mythical and historical figures to assist him. He does this by saying the word, “Eternity”.

Affiliation: The Marvel Family

Did You Know? Although Kid Eternity now appears in DC Comics, this only happened after DC bought Quality Comics.

A Little History

The origin of Kid Eternity is pretty straightforward. 

Kid Eternity was created by Otto Binder and Sheldon Moldoff under the now defunct Quality Comics brand. He made his first appearance inside the pages of Hit Comics #25 back in December of 1962.

As it’s told, Kid was a young boy helping his Grandfather work on his ship when they were attacked by a U-Boat. Tragically, as a result of the attack, both were killed. When the two approached the gates of Heaven, his Grandfather was accepted in but Kid was not. This was because, while his Grandfather had lived a full life, he had not. 

Instead of living in Heaven, Kid was sent back down to Earth alongside his now “Guardian”, Mr. Keeper. The agreement was that Kid was permitted to live out his life but he had to carry out good deeds. To aid him in his deeds, he was given the ability to summon both mythological and historical figures. Further to this, he was also able to change his form from insubstantial to solid.

After the Crisis on Infinite Earths event, Kid’s origin changed slightly. 

While his death, his re-emergence on Earth, and his ability to summon mythological and historical figures remained the same, his backstory changed. 

This time when he returned to Earth he couldn’t remember his past or name. What he could remember, however, was that his Grandfather used to call him Kid. 

As he learned, Kid was actually Kit and Kit was short for his full name, Christopher “Kit” Freeman. If the name Freeman sounds familiar, it should. Christopher Freeman actually turned out to be the long lost brother of Freddy Freeman or Captain Marvel Jr. When the two siblings were young, they were separated from one another and each sent to live with a different Grandfather.

And that’s it. The origin of Kid Eternity.

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