Vision: Bio, Origin & History


Real Name: Victor Shade

First Appearance: The Avengers #57 (October 1968)

Powers: Possesses superhuman intelligence, strength, speed, and agility. Can also fly, control his own density, is able to regenerate and heal himself, is intangible, possesses technopathy, and can project blasts of solar energy.

Affiliation: Avengers

Did You Know? Vision and Scarlet Witch are one of Marvel’s premiere couples.

A Little History

The origin of Vision is pretty straightforward. 

Vision first debuted in The Avengers #57 back in October of 1968. He was created by Roy Thomas and John Buscema.

During the tail end of the 1930’s, famed robotics expert Phineas Horton constructed a robot. Although the robot was destined for greatness, Horton believed it to be a disappointment after it burst into flames. What he didn’t realize was that this robot (alongside Captain America, Bucky Barnes, and Namor) would turn the tides in World War 2 as the first Human Torch.

Once the War ended, the Human Torch turned himself off and remained in a state of shut down for decades. This changed when the being Immortus stumbled upon the dormant robot. Sensing great power, Immortus created a duplicate of the Human Torch. 

Fast forward in time, and eventually the original robot returned to commission while the duplicate fell into the hands of Ultron. Ultron then made a now-aged Phineas Horton bring the duplicate to life with the intention to destroy the Avengers with it. His plans, however, fell through. The robot, now called Vision, broke free of Ultron’s control and changed its course into from being a villain into becoming a hero. 

Once The Avengers learned and believed that Vision only wanted to protect humanity, they accepted him into their ranks. Now an Avenger, Vision quickly asserted himself as one of the most powerful and important members the team would ever know.

And that’s it. The origin of Vision.

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