Orlando Bloom As Captain Britain? Just Maybe…

Orlando Bloom As Captain Britain

Orlando Bloom has a track record of playing iconic characters in film. Just take a look at his track record and see for your self.

  • Will Turner – Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Legolas – The Lord of the Rings
  • Paris – Troy

Over the early part of his career, he managed to build up a list of characters that spun the industry into a tailspin…and now he aims to do it again. This time, however, he has his sights set on the superhero genre and playing a character that suits his English background, Captain Britain. Yes, Orlando Bloom as Captain Britain…

Another Captain? 

Granted, we have one Captain already but this one is from the other side of the proverbial pond.

Recently speaking with BBC Radio 2 Bloom hinted he was interested in playing Captain Britain if the chance arose.

“I do read [Marvel Comics] a little bit,” the Pirates of the Caribbean actor said. “Who’s the British one? Captain Britain! 

There you go.

Trying to fit into the role Bloom would have to educate himself more. He expressed Terrible costume, though. And you’ve also got Captain America so what are you going to do? Captain Britain versus Captain America?”

Who is Captain Britain?

Captain Britain has been there to defend the United Kingdom since 1976. More famously, he is the older brother of fan-favorite character, Psylocke.

After a near-fatal motorcycle accident left him a shell of the man he once was Brian Braddock (real name of the Captain) was given a unique opportunity by a legendary magician and an unusual source. It was at this time that the magician Merlyn and his daughter, Roma gave him a choice. The offered him a chance at life (the Amulet of Right) or death (the Sword of Might). He chose the Amulet and was transformed in Britain’s great defender, Captain Britain.

Following the family path

Did you know that his sister Psylocke has already made the transition from comic pages to the big screen? It’s true, although many would argue that it was barely a cameo…in both instances. 

Psylocke has appeared in both X-Men: Apocalypse and X-Men: The Last Stand. 

Maybe, just maybe if Fox or Disney (whoever owns the rights at the time of potential production) includes her in his story. While she isn’t as intricate to his, he is definitely to hers. 

Let’s hope that if they do a Captain Britain movie he gets more screen time than Psylocke did. 

Certified fresh

Superheroes aren’t going anywhere. The movies are dominating the box office and its popularity is higher than ever. Avengers Infinity War continues to crush records, a few of which were set by its predecessor, another Marvel property, Black Panther. Children wear the t-shirts, parents talk about their childhood favorite stories and speculation continues to run rampant as to what’s next.

But…it can still become stale.

And we all know that nobody wants that. So if I may make a suggestion? Fox, Marvel, Sony, Warner Bros. and whoever else wants to take a crack at this superhero thing, add new blood, new characters, and unpredictability. 

And while you’re at it, start polling fans across the globe to see who they would like.

In the meantime, Captain Britain and Orlando Bloom is unpredictability. And better yet, Captain Britain forming Excalibur is unpredictability.

What do you think? Should we see Orlando Bloom as Captain Britain? Should the superhero movie executives start looking outside of America for its teams?

Let me know.



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