Paul Walter Hauser Was Having Second Thoughts Regarding His ‘Fantastic Four’ Gig: “Movie Has Not Fully Been Nailed Just Yet”

Paul walter hauser talks fantastic four

The upcoming ‘The Fantastic Four’ reboot is one of the most talked about projects currently in development. The movie is supposed to reboot the older ‘Fantastic Four’ franchise which was met with mixed reviews at best.

The movie is also being released in quite an uncomfortable time when Marvel Studios is under scrutiny due to releasing several sub-par projects in the last few years. A cycle that led to fans generally losing interest, and Disney breaking unflattering records as the biggest box-office loser of 2023.

Paul Walter Hauser, recently cast for the movie in an undisclosed role, The Hollywood Reporter, and commented on the development of the movie so far, stating that he was having second thoughts regarding the movie:

Don’t think that didn’t weigh in as I was deciding whether or not to take the job. That movie has not fully been nailed just yet. But I really do think the combination of the screenplay, and the department heads that are working on the film, and that classy cast of really exciting actors — some of them known for a long time, and some of them having a moment right now — [make me feel that] this movie is special, and it was something I wanted to be a part of. Matt Shakman directed me years ago in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. To come back together and collaborate on this movie in some capacity, it’s really exciting. I’m excited to be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Paul recently also stated that there is a huge amount of pressure on them to make a good movie, I mean that’s how it’s always supposed to be. But ‘Fantastic Four’ has already caused several controversies, mostly due to the casting of Pedro Pascal as Reed Richards and Julia Garner as Silver Surfer.

The previous ‘Fantastic Four’ series was pretty bad I guess, depending on who you ask, and this upcoming movie absolutely has to outperform that. I’m confident that Marvel Studios will absolutely make a decent movie out of it, that’s better than we had but I would also be lying if I didn’t mention that fans are already cautious when it comes to expectations.

‘The Fantastic Four’ is scheduled to be released on July 25, 2025. Filming is anticipated to kick off in August 2024 at Pinewood Studios in London.

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