Plastic Man Movie Rumored To Be in Development for DCU

plastic man rumored to be in development

With the new year comes a new cinematic universe for the projects based on DC comics, and now that Gunn is officially in charge, he really does not hold back on debunking various rumors related to ‘Superman: Legacy’ and other possible projects that might be developed as a part of newly overhauled DCU.

Recently, some rumors resurfaced regarding planned and (unplanned)DCU properties, mostly related to the alleged ‘Waller’ TV Show. ‘Waller’ was supposed to be a TV series consisting of 13 episodes. The majority of scripts were complete, and casting has begun. Phil Abraham was supposed to direct the first two episodes. Freddie Stroma would return as Vigilante, and Sean Gunn would portray Maxwell Lord. John Douglas Thompson and Ivanna Sakhno joining in supporting roles. The season was supposed to be divided into two parts, with the first half set to premiere in the spring of 2025, followed by the second half in the fall.

And the rumors were widely shared before Gunn took to Threads to put a stop to them.

gunn debunking rumors

And while Gunn was pretty straightforward regarding part of the rumors, he stayed mostly silent regarding the rumored movie revolving around Plastic Man. The rumors state that the movie is in early development for DCU, and besides that, there isn’t all that much to share.


James Gunn Has More Than 90 % of Cast Locked-in for ‘Superman: Legacy’

Plastic Man, also known as Eel O’Brian, is a superhero introduced in ‘Police Comics’ #1, initially published by Quality Comics and later acquired by DC Comics. Created by Jack Cole, Plastic Man stands out as one of the earliest superheroes to infuse humor into mainstream action storytelling. The character has been featured in solo series, interacted with iconic figures like Batman, and been a member of the Justice League in the DC Universe. Plastic Man has made appearances in various adaptations, including television and video games, with his own show titled ‘The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show.’

DCU is officially starting this year with the release of ‘Creature Commandos’ but the true beginning will be marked by the release of ‘Superman: Legacy’ scheduled to be released in 2025. Beyond that? Who knows? For now, we hope that Gunn won’t debunk the Plastic Man movie.

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