Sony, Can You Please Fix These Plot Holes In The Venom Sequel?

Venom Sequel

After an extremely impressive box office haul, a Venom sequel has been set into motion. Coming as no surprise, returning to write the script is Kelly Marcel. While the terms of the deal have not been released, Marcel looks to have received a hefty raise from her first outing.

Speculation recently arose that Sony was fast-tracking a sequel when it announced that an unnamed Marvel movie was to hit theatres October of 2020. Fans immediately began to piece together that the movie was probably a Venom sequel. 

This only made sense. After all, the first Venom movie released in the same month just last year.

The sequel will bring back fan-favourite characters Anne Weying (Lady Venom), Cletus Kasaday (Carnage), and, of course, the title character, Venom. Each actor is set to reprise their respective roles. This means, if you haven’t realized, that we will get to see Woody Harrelson in that beautiful red wig one more time. 


The first Venom movie saw the famous symbiote work its way to finding and bonding with Eddie Brock. Once bonded together, the two unwillingly teamed up to stop another symbiote, Riot, and its human host, Carlton Drake. 

While Venom was a box office hit it didn’t come without fan backlash. Yes, the movie did an admirable job of telling the Venom story without Spider-Man. Hiebert, it left many fans, myself included, feeling underwhelmed by its many plot holes. 

Just look:

  • Riot claiming that he needs to take Venom back to his home planet before returning
  • Carlton Drake learning to fly a spaceship by himself
  • Keeping the invading symbiotes alive after they returned to Earth
  • Venom being unaffected by fire during the final battle
  • The missing yellow symbiote
  • Why Venom had such a love for Tater Tots
  • The fact it took the alien symbiote six months to find its way from Malaysia to the United States

And I could go on and on…

Don’t get me wrong, Venom was fun and a good launching point for Sony’s shared Universe. However, if the studio wants to build something really special, things like obvious plot holes need to be addressed.

With a sequel on the way, the franchise has a much-needed chance to fix some of these issues. Until then, let’s all embrace the fact that the red wig will be returning.



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