Rag Doll: Bio, Origin & History

Rag Doll Origin

Real Name: Peter Merkel/Peter Merkel Jr. 

First Appearance: Flash Comics #36 (December, 1942)/Villains United #1 (July, 2005)

Powers: Triple jointedness allows him to contortion his body in abnormal ways. 

Affiliation: Injustice Society, Secret Society of Super Villains

Did You Know? Both father and son took on the mantle of Rag Doll.

A Little History

Peter Merkel was born in the America Mid-West. His triple jointedness permitted him ways to bend and move his body is abnormal ways. It was explained that his ligaments and tendons were very extendible. As such, Peter easily found work as a sideshow act at a local carnival. 

Eventually, the carnival fell on difficult times and Peter was left without work. Desperate to make a living and earn some money, Peter turned to crime.

While walking down the sidewalk Peter passed a toy store. He took particular notice to the large boxes the toys arrived in. It hit him that he should hide in one of the rag dolls that came in the boxes and rob the store after it closed. He did exactly this and after the store closed, he successfully robbed the store. At this moment, he realized that perhaps he should carry his exploits one step further and dress as a ragdoll while he carried out his crimes. He justified that no one would actually believe that a rag doll was dealing in criminal activity. 

And it worked.

Over time, Peter’s legend grew and other criminals began to seek him out. 

Peter’s son, Peter Jr. wasn’t so lucky. Unlike his father, when Peter Jr. was born, he was born without being triple jointed. As such, he was look down upon by his father.

In an effort to please his father, Peter Jr. went through multiple surgeries. The purpose of the surgeries was to implant himself with lubrication and cybernetic joints that allowed him to mimic his father.

While it did work, the surgery left him badly disfigured and in need of constant lubrication onto his skin.

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