Ra’s Al Ghul: Bio, Origin & History

Ra's Al Ghul

Real Name: Ra’s Al Ghul

First Appearance: Batman #232 (June, 1971)

Powers: Extended Life, Master of Combat, Advanced Knowledge of Disease and Germs, Can Transfer His Soul Into Other Individuals, Enhanced Strength, and Agility

Affiliation: League of Assassins, The Demon

Love Interests: Sora Al Ghul

Enemies: Batman

Did You Know: Ra’s Al Ghul is the Grandfather to Bruce Wayne’s son, Damian

A Little History

Born nearly 700 years ago, Ra’s Al Ghul grew up in a tribe of Chinese Nomads wandering the Arabian Desert. At a young age, he left his tribe and moved to the city so that he may pursue his scientific curiosities as a physician. Shortly thereafter, he found a natural pool of chemicals. This pool was different from many others in the sense that it could restore life and heal injuries. He aptly called the pool, the Lazarus Pit.

He tested its abilities as quickly as he could and used it to save the life of a dying Prince. What he didn’t foresee what that the Lazarus Pit caused the Prince to lose his mind, attack, and kill Ra’s Al Ghul’s wife. Ra’s was blamed for the murder, taken to the desert and left to die inside a cage with the rotting corpse of his wife.

He was rescued by the Grandson of one of his patients and the two left in search of Ra’s Al Ghul’s former tribe. With the help of the tribe, he overthrew the Sultan who had banished him. He was able to do this through his advanced understanding of disease and sickness. He used his knowledge to infect the prince with a disease. When asked for a cure, Ra’s killed the Sultan and committed mass-murder in the city.

Now feared by many, he took on the name Ra’s Al Ghul. He immediately used the Lazarus Pit to heal himself and achieve extended life.

Over the years, he has fought in countless wars and battles. Through his experience, he has trained and become the world’s finest warriors and martial artists. He now heads his own group of assassins called the League of Assassins. In short, they are responsible for wiping out humanity and giving the world a much-needed fresh start.

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