Red Wolf: Bio, Origin & History

Red Wolf

Real Name: William Talltrees

First Appearance: Avengers #80 (September, 1980)

Powers: Above normal combat ability, experienced archer, top tier marksman, superhuman strength 

Affiliation: Rangers, Cheyenne People

Did You Know? William Talltrees isn’t the only hero to use the Red Wolf moniker. Aside from Talltrees, Thomas Thunderhead, Johnny Wakely, and Wildrun have also been the hero.

A Little History

There have been numerous heroes to take on the mantle of Red Wolf. For the purpose of this origin we will be discussing William Talltrees. 

The son of the Cheyenne Tribal Leader, Thomas Talltrees and Rebecca Talltrees, William was born in Wolf Point, Montana. From a young age, William grew up learning of stories of the great Red Wolf. 

At one point William’s Family was forced into selling his property to corrupt business man, Cornelius Van Lunt. Tragically, shortly after this transpired, Van Lunt ordered the murder of William’s parents. Enraged, William vowed to get his revenge and avenge the death of those he loved.

To do this he began wearing the ceremonial wardrobe of the Red Wolf. Wearing the costume, however, wasn’t enough. Owayodata, the one responsible for empowering the Red Wolf, does exactly this and empowers William with its abilities. William then finds a wolf cub, who he name’s Lobo, and begins to train it as his companion.

With his wolf and newly granted powers in tow, William follows Van Lunt to New York, where, with the help of the Avengers, he gets his revenge.

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