Reports Reveal How Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Wanted to Seize Control of DC Studios


Remember ‘Black Adam’ released in 2022? If you don’t it’s perfectly fine since the movie was a commercial flop and panned by critics. Its only redeeming quality is the fact that Dwayne The Rock Johnson played the character, seemingly born to bring it to live action.

One of the things however that you will most likely remember if you watched the movie at all is the post-credit scene that promises a bright future for both Johnson’s Black Adam and Cavill’s Superman.

Back when the movie flopped there were rumors going around that The Rock wanted to completely change the hierarchy of power within the DC, quite literally as he allegedly wanted to take over the studio and position his own production house to the top to handle all upcoming DCEU projects.

The Wrap made an exclusive report on the whole affair a few days ago. According to their insiders The Rock and Cavill’s manager at that time, Garcia wanted to oust the then-chief of DC Studios Walter Hamada, but their plans were foiled by James Gunn and Peter Safran who were hired to salvage what they could from DCEU.

Matters all came to a head in 2022 when Johnson and Dany Garcia met with Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav on not only inserting Superman back into “Black Adam,” but according to four insiders with knowledge of the meeting, positioning Seven Bucks to run DC and replace then-chief Walter Hamada.

An individual close to Seven Bucks said the meeting was about “Black Adam” and an introduction to Zaslav who had just taken over the studio. This person denied that the meeting was aimed to pitch Hiram Garcia as a replacement for Hamada.

Garcia wasn’t hired to run the unit, and Johnson and Seven Bucks were evicted from DC shortly after the hiring of James Gunn and Peter Safran to run the division. Additionally, former Superman actor Henry Cavill fired Dany Garcia as his manager as a result.

And the rest is, as you know, history. ‘Black Adam’ failed, James Gunn & Peter Safran rebooted the universe, and Cavill was fired as Superman, after being told by the studio to spread to word to his fans that he would in fact return as Clark Kent. A few weeks after he announced that he will be back as Superman Cavill announced that the projects would be moving without him since Gunn has younger Superman in mind.

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