Rumor: Lady Sif Was Supposed To Be Valkyrie’s Girlfriend in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Before the Idea Was Scrapped

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Excluding ‘The Avengers,’ ‘Thor’ is the only sub-franchise in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that has spawned four movies so far, and it’s safe to say we’ll get more of Chris Hemsworth’s God of Thunder since the post-credit scene of his latest movie announced that “Thor will return.” There are some rumors about the potential fifth movie, while some others are saying that Thor will return only in upcoming crossover movies, but none of that has been confirmed yet.

The latest MCU movie starring Chris Hemsworth, ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ was released in July 2022, and the movie wasn’t able to repeat the success of its predecessor, 2017’s ‘Thor: Ragnarok.’ While the performances were praised, particularly Christian Bale’s as Gorr the God Butcher, the movie received mixed reviews for its screenplay, humor, visual effects, and tonal inconsistencies. The movie grossed $760 million, which is a decent commercial result, although still lower than Ragnarok’s.

A new rumor indicates that Lady Sif was originally supposed to be Valkyrie’s queen!

‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ brought back two actresses who were absent from ‘Thor: Ragnarok,’ Natalie Portman and Jaimie Alexander. Alexander was absent from ‘Ragnarok’ due to scheduling conflicts with the television series ‘Blindspot,’ which she starred in at the time. ‘Love and Thunder’ brought back only in a minor role, but according to recent rumors, she was initially supposed to have a bigger role, at least when it comes to Valkyrie and her love life.

Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie debuted in ‘Thor: Ragnarok,’ and she returned in ‘Avengers: Endgame’ in which she participated in the final battle and was later named King of Asgard after Thor decided to abandon his duty.

Now, as ThorUpdate reported, new storyboards from the movie have depicted a scrapped scene in which Valkyrie and Sif united during the Battle of New Asgard, and Valkyrie was supposed to grab wounded Sif during the battle and take her to safety.

Additionally, MyTimeToSayHello said that Lady Sif and Valkyrie were indeed supposed to become a couple in the movie. If I remember correctly, something similar was rumored during the movie’s development, but the idea apparently never came to pass.


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Given the ending of ‘Love and Thunder,’ we could see Valkyrie and Sif again whenever and wherever Thor’s adventures continue in the MCU. There are some rumors about ‘Thor 5’ potentially happening, but a new approach would definitely be needed because Taika Waititi’s formula worked on ‘Ragnarok,’ but on ‘Love and Thunder,’ not so much.

Post-credit scenes have set up a stage for more things to happen. Now, it’s all up to Kevin Feige to decide what to do with Thor and his supporting characters next.

Would you have liked to see Valkyrie and Sif as a couple? Would you be interested in ‘Thor 5’ after ‘Love and Thunder’? Let us know in the comments.

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