Rumors: Doctor Doom To Be Included in ‘Fantastic Four’ but Not as the Main Villain

Rumors Doctor Doom To be Included in Fantastic Four But Not as The Main Villain

Yesterday the news broke regarding the release date of ‘Fantastic Four’ and the officially confirmed cast. ‘Fantastic Four’ will be released on July 25, 2025, and the main cast is what was pretty much rumored for the last 5 or so months. Pedro Pascal will assume the role of Reed Richards, this is something that was accidentally confirmed last week by SAG-AFTRA. Vanessa Kirby will be playing the role of Sue Storm, something that was likewise practically known. The other two members of the first family are Ebon Moss-Bachrach as the Thing and Joseph Quinn as the Human Torch.

Filming is expected to begin this summer, and due to the release date being switched, ‘Thunderbolts’ lost its July 2025 spot being moved to release earlier than expected on May 2, 2025. Despite the main cast being confirmed, there was not a speck of news regarding the potential appearance of Doctor Doom, the villain most often tied to Marvel’s first family.

John Campea recently weighed in on that during The John Campea Show, confirming the rumors that we’ve been hearing for months now. Doctor Doom is supposed to show up in the movie but not as the primary villain or a big part of the movie. He will most likely be used to set up future installments, as a foreshadowing of sorts.

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s been brewing a long time now that Doom will officially debut in the MCU the most likely candidates being the ‘Fantastic Four’ project or the next installment in the ‘Black Panther’ franchise. As far as who will be playing Doctor Doom goes? Several names have been thrown around, primarily Cillian Murphy and Mads Mikkelsen with Cillian appearing to be a fan favourite.

There are also rumors that ‘Fantastic Four’ will introduce Nova, and the notable character will be played by Ryan Gossling, who is still riding the wave of popularity following his incredibly successful role of Ken in the ‘Barbie’ movie.

In 2019, Kevin Feige announced a ‘Fantastic Four’ film as part of the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Jon Watts, known for directing MCU’s Spider-Man films, was initially attached as the director in December 2020. However, in April 2022, Watts stepped down from the project. Kevin Feige later revealed in July that the reboot would not feature an origin story.


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Matt Shakman entered talks to direct in August, confirmed in September during the Disney event D23. Writers Jeff Kaplan and Ian Springer were hired in the same month, with Josh Friedman joining in March 2023 for script rewriting. Principal photography was set to begin in January 2024 in London. The release date for Fantastic Four was initially set for November 8, 2024, but it was rescheduled to February 14, 2025, and May 2, 2025, until eventually settling for July 25, 2025, as part of Phase Six of the MCU.

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