Rumors: Henry Cavill Accepted Mysterious X-Men Role! Here’s Our Best Guess

henry cavill in x men

One of Henry’s most notable roles in recent times is definitely that of Superman in the DCEU. Despite the movies being received with mixed reviews, Cavill’s portrayal of Man of Steel was considered to be decent enough. With his teased appearance in ‘Black Adam’ – a box office bomb, everybody expected that DCEU would only expand in the future, with Cavill even accepting & preparing to show up as Superman in several upcoming movies. Allegedly he even turned down playing Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ for a couple of more seasons, before it was cleared up that he actually walked away from the project due to disagreements with the writers and showrunners as their lack of respect toward the source material.

The shock came only a few weeks later when it was decided that DCEU would be rebooted completely and that Cavill would most certainly not return to reprise his role in Gunn’s and Safran’s DCU as they are going for a younger cast of characters. Then Cavill was confirmed to take part in the untitled ‘Warhammer’ project and the reboot of ‘Highlander.’ Most recently Cavill expressed his wish to portray Captain Britain in the MCU.


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Now another wave of rumors claims that Cavill already accepted a role in the MCU and that he will be portraying one notable X-Men. So far, there are two roles that stand out as most likely and those are Cyclops and Wolverine.

Hugh Jackman will reprise his role as Wolverine in the upcoming ‘Deadpool & Wolverine,’ but as a variant, meaning that the prime timeline’s Wolverine is yet to be cast.

With the X-Men being the most awaited addition to the MCU in the future, it’s highly likely that Cavill will show up as one of the main characters. What do you think? Who will Cavill play? Let us know in the comments below!

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