Rumors: ‘Ironheart’ to Focus On Demons, Magic & Vendetta 17 Years in the Making

Rumors Ironheart To Focus On Demons Magic Vendetta 17 Years in the Making

Marvel Studios has plenty of projects in the making, and while fans are mostly anticipating every bit and piece of rumor regarding ‘Daredevil: Born Again’ and ‘The Fantastic Four’ reboot, one project that’s been hyped for years now without materializing is generating quite the chatter in the last few years. We’re talking about ‘Ironheart’ a series that is years overdue with seemingly no end in sight regarding development and actual release.

In July 2018, a film based on the Marvel Comics character Riri Williams/Ironheart had a script written by Jada Rodriguez and was listed on The Black List. However, the film did not materialize. In December 2020, Marvel Studios announced the development of a Disney+ television series titled ‘Ironheart.’ Chinaka Hodge was hired as the head writer in April 2021. In March 2022, it was revealed that Ryan Coogler, director of ‘Black Panther,’ was involved in the production, and Ironheart’s star, Dominique Thorne, first appears in ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.’ Coogler’s production company, Proximity Media, is collaborating with Marvel Studios on select Disney+ series. In April, it was confirmed that Proximity Media would produce ‘Ironheart,’ with directors Sam Bailey and Angela Barnes each helming three episodes.

The series was originally supposed to debut in late 2023, but judging by the recent filing, the approximate release date should be late 2025. As the release date of the show finally draws near, some plot points are coming to light in the form of internet chatter, and Daniel Richtman, reputable leaker and scooper on X, recently chimed in with his own synopsis of the show.


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Allegedly, the show will focus on your classical “overcome all bad things despite your circumstances” tropes with a mix of demons, magic going haywire, and a 17-year-old vendetta coming to light.

Fans were quick to point out that the vendetta in question might tied to Obadiah Stane’s son. Obadiah Stane, Tony Stark’s former business partner and a friend of his late father, Howard Stark, temporarily took over as CEO of Stark Industries after Howard’s death. Stane’s envy of Tony leads him to betray him by collaborating with the Ten Rings in a failed attempt to assassinate Tony and regain control of the company. Stane provided Stark Industries weapons to the Ten Rings for their activities in Gulmira. After the Ten Rings’ failure, Stane betrayed and had them executed. When his association with terrorists was exposed, Stane created an armored suit called Iron Monger, attempting to kill Stark. This confrontation resulted in Stane’s own demise.

In any case, it sounds like a good premise, and we can’t wait to see what the finished show will serve to the viewers. ‘Ironheart’ is supposed to be released sometime in the second half of 2025, consisting of six episodes as a part of Phase Five of the MCU.

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