Rumors: Moon Knight To Appear in ‘Marvel Zombies’ But As a Variant

Rumors Moon Knight To Appear in Marvel Zombies But As a Variant
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During Disney+ Day 2021, it was revealed that an animated Marvel Zombies TV series was in development for Disney+, with Zeb Wells serving as the writer and executive producer. The series continues the universe established in the ‘What If…?’ episode titled ‘What If… Zombies!?’.

At San Diego Comic-Con 2022, it was announced that the series would be rated TV-MA and would premiere in 2024. In an interview on October 8, 2022, Zeb Wells shared that the first season would consist of four episodes. On November 28, 2023, Iman Vellani confirmed her involvement, voicing Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel is one of the main characters in the series.

According to the most recent round of rumors, fan-favorite Moon Knight is also set to appear in the show, but now as Marc Spector but rather one of the variants.

We already know that Marvel Zombies will include plenty of Zombified heroes, and we already see a taste of what’s to come in the finale of ‘What If…?’ Season 2 when the show presented us with Zombie Scarlet Witch in her full glory. It was pointed out that since ‘Marvel Zombies’ will be rated TV-MA, we will perhaps see Moon Knight in his gory glory, without holding back, which previously wasn’t possible, not even in his standalone show.


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‘Marvel Zombies’ is set to be released sometime in 2024, and it’s one of many animated projects set to be released this year, the show will consists out of four episodes in total. Some time ago, Bryan Andrews confirmed that despite sharing a name with one of the most notable Marvel storylines, ‘Marvel Zombies’ won’t be a direct adaptation of the show but rather only inspired by it.

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