Rumors: SSU Has Two Projects in Development Revolving Around Doc Ock and Mysterio


The idea of an expanded Sony’s Spider-Man universe began in 2013, with plans to launch spin-off films, including one centered on Venom, following ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2.’ However, due to the film’s disappointment, Sony abandoned these plans and collaborated with Marvel Studios in 2015, and since then, Spider-Man has been one of the main characters in MCU.

However, despite SSU movies generally receiving mixed to bad reviews (looking at your Morbius), the SSU continued and now has plenty of live-action and animated projects in development focusing both on Spider-Man’s supporting character and his villains. If rumors are to be believed, two more projects can be added to that slate projects, focusing on Dock Ock and Mysterio, as stated by Caiden Reed on X.

And it seems like MCU’s Mysterio Jake Gyllenhaal will not reprise his role, which could mean that if these rumors are true, SSU will not merge with MCU, at least not as far as the immediate future is concerned. And while we’re waiting for these rumors to be confirmed, 4 new projects are expected to release in 2024. The year will start with the release of ‘Madame Web’ starring Dakota Johnson in the titular role. ‘Kraven the Hunter’ starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and the third and untitled movie ‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage.’


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The majority of rumored and confirmed projects so far don’t have confirmed release dates. ‘The Sinister Six,’ which resurfaced in December 2018 following the success of Venom, “Nightwatch,” once actively developed with Spike Lee directing, and ‘Jackpot,’ with Marc Guggenheim writing the screenplay. Other projects include an untitled film by Roberto Orci based on a Marvel property unrelated to Spider-Man, an untitled female-centric Marvel film by Olivia Wilde, and ‘El Muerto,’ featuring singer Bad Bunny as a wrestler with superhuman strength.

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