Is Sam Chung, Blindspot On His Way To The Marvel Netflix Universe?

Sam Chung, Blindspot

Doth my eyes deceive me? Is there another strategic crossover on its way to the Netflix Universe? If the somewhat cryptic message from Charles Soule is any indication, there may very well be.

Charles Soule, the current writer for Daredevil recently tweeted that, “A character named Sam Chung, played by James Chen, is appearing in Iron Fist Season 2… Very interesting…”

Iron Fist Blindspot

If there is any confusion to his tweet, worry not, he’s conveniently accompanied the tweet with a photo of the actor and the character that he’s most likely playing.


Sam Chung, Blindspot is a relatively new character to Marvel. The character was created in 2015 by Soule and falls into the Daredevil mythos.

Sam Chung (the real-0world identification of Blindspot) is a gymnast who was born and raised in a Chinese farm. Eventually, like most outside of the United States comic book characters, he leaves his homeland in pursuit of more. He lands in the United States where he continues to develop his intelligence. This does not go unrewarded as he uses his intelligence to develop a suit that renders him invisible to the eye.

How does he fit into Daredevil?

Seeing his gymnastics abilities, Daredevil takes the young Sam Chung under his care and trains him in combat.

How Blindspot fits into the Iron Fist world remains to be seen but his appearance doesn’t seem to be an accident. Remember, last we saw Daredevil, he was healing in an unknown facility leaving Iron Fist to take care of New York.

Perhaps, in the Netflix world, Danny will be the one to train him? We will soon find out. Iron Fist premiers on Netflix September 7th and you can bet I’ll be at home, binge-watching every moment of it



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