Sentry vs. Thanos: Who Wins & How?

Sentry vs. thanos

We’re used to comparing Marvel powerhouses, and today’s post will not be any different. We’re going to pit together one of the strongest superheroes in the Marvel Universe with one of the strongest supervillains in the Marvel Universe, Sentry and Thanos. Sentry has the raw power to take down Thanos any day of the week. Still, Thanos proved himself, over time, to be extremely difficult to manage due to his preparation and clinical approach to every battle. The two never fought in the comics, so the best we can do is analyze both characters. If it ever came to a battle between Sentry and Thanos, who wins and why? 

Thanos wins in a battle against Sentry. Thanos is clearly the better tactician, more in control of himself, and it would be, given his set of abilities, fairly easy to exploit Sentry’s biggest weakness, his own mind. If it came down to raw powers, without any preparation beforehand, however, Sentry would sweep the floor with Thanos and then some. 

Now that you know the basic answer, it’s time to analyze both characters in a bit more depth. Both characters have numerous versions, each more powerful than the last, and while Thanos has better feats, Sentry didn’t exist as long to accumulate that many victories over cosmic dangers. We’re taking everything into account, don’t worry. So, if you’re interested in our analysis, keep reading!

Powers and abilities

Sentry has an unbelievable set of powers and abilities at his disposal. He was shown to have powers of molecular manipulation, photokinesis, darkness manipulation, energy manipulation, biokinesis, and psionic abilities. He can also mimic any type of superpower out there if focused enough. Likewise, some of his powers, like the ability to resurrect and psionic abilities, have been shown only occasionally. The full extent of Sentry’s powers is unclear, as every time the character pops up, he has another set of incredible powers he is surprised to use. 

Matters are further complicated by Void and his ability to merge with the Void. In that state, Sentry is unstoppable. But now we must mention the downside of his powers, he can’t control them, he is not aware of what he can do, and when he is overwhelmed, he tends to revert back to his human form, which is, well, human. And this is where Thanos comes in. 

Sentry overpowers hulk

Thanos likewise has an especially powerful set of energy-manipulating abilities. He can even match Sentry’s greatest power of molecular manipulation since Thanos possesses this to some extent as well. He can create force fields and manipulate matter and warp reality. But this is less important as even though Thanos possesses these powers, there are not on Sentry’s level, and Sentry easily has everything in his arsenal to counter Thanos.

Thanos stops mjolnir

Where Thanos truly excels in the context of Sentry are his mind-manipulating powers and abilities. Thanos can manipulate madness and senses and create illusions. He won the mind battle against Moondragon. Since Sentry was easily manipulated by characters much weaker than Thanos, Thanos would have no trouble manipulating Sentry to destroy himself. It would probably be the best course of action for Thanos. To target Sentry’s mind. 

Since Sentry has better powers and abilities, and Thanos has perfect abilities to abuse Sentry’s greatest weakness, this one is a stalemate. 

Points: Sentry (1:1) Thanos


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Strength and Stamina 

Both Sentry and Thanos have unlimited reserves of stamina at their disposal. Both of them have superhuman physiologies, which means that they do not produce fatigue toxins. Thanos can also use his mystical powers without mentally or physically exerting himself. Sentry, likewise, requires no sustenance and rest, and it is near impossible for him to feel tired except if he is in the wrong state of mind. In that case, both his stamina and his powers are lessened. 

sentry rips ares in half

When it comes to raw physical strenght. Both characters have unlimited strenght, which cannot be grasped by comparing it with anything relatable to human limits. Thanos manages to lift Galactus Engine and destroy a planet during his battle with Drax. His strenght was further enhanced by Death. Sentry as well doesn’t have the upper limits to his strenght. He broke every bone in Hulk’s body and ripped Ares in half. His strenght is further enhanced by solar radiation and is, in every practical sense, immeasurable. When it comes to stamina and strenght, Both Thanos and Sentry are equally matched. 

Points: Sentry (2:2) Thanos


Sentry is capable of achieving massively faster-than-light speeds. He is capable of flight and teleportation. His flying uses the technique of bending space around him to achieve multiversal speeds beyond comprehension. His combat speed proved on several occasions to be equal to Thor’s


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Thanos is not slow by any means himself. He can likewise reach massively faster-than-light speeds, he can teleport, and at times he was proven to be omnipresent. Since nothing can beat omnipresence, this point goes to Thanos.

Points: Sentry (2:3) Thanos


Sentry is immune to most forms of damage. He can completely regenerate from any type of damage using molecular reconstruction and his superior healing factor. He survived being thrown into the sun, and he tanked hits from some of the most powerful Marvel characters. But however, everything stated depends on his state of mind. Sentry is immortal and invulnerable, but he can be killed. In fact, after his fight with Thor, he asked to be killed, so if in the wrong state of mind, Sentry can be easily disposed of, something that Thanos would most likely abuse. 

Sentry healing factor

But, in the right state of mind, there’s nothing really that can be done about his molecular-manipulating abilities. 

Thanos is highly-invulnerable as well to most, but it is possible to injure him. When compared to Sentry, Thanos can be disposed of much easier, but with a catch, Death barred Thanos from dying, and even if one does manage to take him down, he will surely, over time, return to life. Thanos likewise tanked hits from the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe without losing so much as a hair. But clearly, his regenerative abilities are not quite on the same level as Sentry’s, so the point goes to him. 

Points: Sentry (3:3) Thanos


Sentry is extremely intelligent. He has a high understanding of mechanics, architecture, machinery, tracing energy sources, cybernetics, robotics, and computer science. Using his intelligence and resourcefulness, he managed to construct both Watchtower and CLOC with the help of Reed Richards. 

No matter have intelligent Sentry is, he cannot match Thanos’ intellect. Thanos is considered to be a genius and has knowledge that borders on omniscient. He managed to build the time machine, and in instances when he grabbed ahold of various artifacts, he claimed to know “all there is to know.” He is an extremely skilled tactician and can precisely predict his enemies’ moves.

mind war with moon dragon

He can abuse the weaknesses of just about anybody. Thanos’ ability to plan, prepare, calculate, overcome and dominate is among the most notable in the Marvel universe. No matter how many odds are stacked against him, he manages to overcome this through sheer willpower. In the battle of wits, Sentry is too unstable to win. This point goes to Thanos. 

Points: Sentry (3:4) Thanos

Combat Skills 

Sentry never had to rely on his combat skills to defeat an enemy since his powers easily overpowered the strongest of beings. His combat skills, proficiency with weapons, and tactical skills are vastly inferior to those of Thanos. Sentry doesn’t fully grasp his powers and abilities, which stops him from planning ahead. 


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Thanos is a highly skilled fighter who can stand his ground against the best in Marvel Universe. He was trained in the Arts of War on Titan, and during his lost history of existence, he managed to accumulate millennia of experience. He is proficient in both hand-to-hand combat as well as in various weapons. This point easily goes to Thanos. 

Points: Sentry (3:5) Thanos


Sentry invented CLOC with the help of Reed Richards, and it’s the most famous piece of equipment he possesses. CLOC is an AI supercomputer that monitors crime activities worldwide and, with the help of extremely advanced calculations, informs Sentry on which crimes he should focus on next. CLOC can be used to monitor specific individuals offering Sentry a great insight into their momentary state. 

Ultimate THanos

Thanos, on the hand, over his numerous incarnations, had access to the most powerful artifacts Marvel Universe had ever seen. He had the use of the Infinity Gauntlet, Heart of the Universe, Cosmic Cube, etc. . CLOC is nowhere near when compared to the resources that Thanos has at his disposal.

Points: Sentry (3:6) Thanos


Sentry has numerous weaknesses, but his most dangerous and most important weakness in this context is his mental instability. Sentry’s powers are greatly related to his mental state at the time. When completely focused, he is unstoppable. When he is “out of it,” he is extremely weak and can easily be managed. It’s something that Thanos would abuse with his madness manipulation, surely. Sentry is likewise vulnerable to anti-matter and Negative Zone, which can lead to the loss of his powers. 

Sentry negative zone

Thanos has no notable weaknesses, but in the context of Sentry, he might be vulnerable to molecular manipulation as hardly any being in the universe is immune to it. Still, Sentry’s weakness is much more serious and much more likely to be abused, so this point goes to Thanos. 

Points: Sentry (3:7) Thanos

Sentry vs. Thanos: Who would win? 

I have no doubt that Merged Sentry, or focused base Sentry for that matter, can absolutely wreck Thanos if we go by their base abilities. Thanos is a powerhouse but nowhere near matching Sentry’s mere quantity of powers at his disposal. However, there’s a catch, Sentry is not the first character that is vastly stronger than Thanos, and he would not be the first character to lose to Thanos either. Thanos has a tendency to plan ahead and calculate. There is no doubt that Thanos would abuse Sentry’s mental state until Sentry is reduced to his weakest form, in which Thanos would easily dispose of him. With everything taken into account. Thanos wins. 

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