The Shazam Trailer Is Here and It Was Worth The Wait

Shazam Trailer

Shazam might be the light-hearted good time that the Worlds of DC has been looking for. The Shazam trailer was released this past weekend and after multiple viewings, I’m convinced of a few things.

First, Zachary Levi makes a great Shazam. It was always apparent that the actor was meant to star in Superhero movies. This became especially apparent after watching him as Fandral in the Thor trilogy. Unfortunately, Fandral was never anything more than a bit player, and due to this, Levi always found himself hiding behind Chris Hemsworth’s massive arms. 

Zachary Levi deserves more and has been given a golden opportunity to shine. He is a versatile actor capable of more than he has been given. And from the way the trailer looks, he’s finally being given what he deserves.

Second, the movie is drastically different than anything seen in DC’s cinematic world. Thus far DC has done an excellent job of creating a very dark world to operate in. From Man of Steel to Justice League, the Universe has taken itself very seriously. This isn’t a bad thing. I for one, love it. I love that when I watch a DC movie I’m not watching something produced by Mickey Mouse. However, in any world shrouded in darkness, there must always be light.

If the giant lightning bolt on his chest is any indication, Shazam is the light. 

Tom Hanks

After watching the trailer my mind immediately went to childhood flashbacks of the Tom Hanks movie, “Big”. It does an excellent job of reminding the viewer that Shazam is a boy caught inside an adult body. He is everything he should be. Immature. Foolish. And annoying. Critics and fans alike have criticized DC and Zach Snyder for being too dark. Shazam and it’s Tom Hanks like child hero will fix this.

Third, Billy Batson is a hero without becoming Shazam. Seeing his friend picked on, Billy picks up the tossed walking aid and proceeds to beat a couple of bullies over the back with it. I don’t condone violence, however watching this unfold brought a smile to my face.

Lost in the awesomeness of the Shazam trailer are a few lessons that I try to teach my boys each day. 

  1. There is no room for bullies
  2. Stand up for those who can’t
  3. We are all equal
  4. Helping is not a choice, it’s a way of life

The trailer and movie will remind us that size and age matters not.

Fan service done right

Fourth, Freddy Freeman appears to be a collector just like I am. EW released a First Look Image recently which showed a collection of “super” items and newspaper cutouts. After I finished salivating, I realized that we have a collector on our hands. 

While it initially appeared that Billy was the collector, the Shazam trailer tells us another story. Freddy is the collector. And a very good one at that. Who knows how he managed to get a bullet that was stopped by Superman, a Batarang and a library of trade paperbacks? Ok, the last one is a terrible example, but hopefully you get the point. Collecting is a direct shot of fan service.

As movies continue to roll out, it’s nice to see that one of them acknowledges who makes them possible…

The fans.

Suspenseful waiting

I can’t wait for this movie to arrive and have already begun counting down the days. It is drastically different from the released Aquaman trailer and that’s a great thing. Not only may it change the perception of DC movies, it may show that the future of the Universe is in good hands.

What do you think of the Shazam trailer? Will Shazam change the fortunes of the Worlds of DC? Is the Shazam trailer as good as it appears? What did you pull from it?



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