Skyward Comic The Latest That Looks To Be Adapted

Skyward Comic

And thankfully Sony wants more. It looks as though Rampage director, Brad Peyton is working with Lucifer boss, Joe Henderson to bring a cinematic adaptation of the successful, albeit new comic book Skyward to the masses. It’s true and yet not surprising. 

While there is no shortage of Marvel or DC characters and storylines to choose from, I believe that Hollywood may actually fear the same thing that many fear…superhero overload. In the world of both Marvel and DC, superheroes reign supreme, so the powers that be have started to turn to Image Comics. In the world of Image (where Skyward is from) superheroes exist but so do everyday people put in extraordinary circumstances. And that’s where the company shines.

No confines. No restraints. And no character standards to live by. Just pure creator-owned, creator-controlled content. The Skyward comic is just such a case.

What is Skyward?

Skyward is a breath of fresh air. 

In its first issue, the Earth, without warning, loses most of its gravity. For twenty years the population had to learn to adapt to the low gravity…and they did. Its youth have grown up with the world the way it is and love every bit of it. Then, one day, a threat appears to restore gravity to the Earth…

The main character of the book, Willa Fowler is a woman born just after what is now called “G-Day” and doesn’t know anything but how the Earth is now. For her, the world is an amazing place where a person can practically fly. Well, not quite fly but they can jump really high. Of course, jumping really high has its dangers and if a jump is miscalculated, that person could and would fall to their death. 

The story itself follows Willa as she comes of age and tries to find her place in the near gravity-less world. 

Admittedly, I have not read the Skyward comic but from what I hear it is one of the best titles to be released in years. If this is the truth, I have a hunch that the movie will be breathtaking. The question that I have for you is, how long does Sony wait to release a movie? Should they wait for more source material or create it themselves?




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