Sleepwalker: Bio, Origin & History

Marvel Sleepwalker

Real Name: Rick Sheridan

First Appearance: Sleepwalker #1 (June, 1991)

Powers: Super strength, speed, and durability, flight, heightened resistance to injury and mental attacks. Also possesses the Mind Gaze, whereby he can manipulate that which it falls upon

Affiliation: Secret Defenders, Sleepwalkers

Did You Know? Sleepwalker does not need to sleep to recharge

A Little History…

To understand the Sleepwalkers means to understand the Mindscape. The Mindscape is a dimension that borders the minds of all conscious beings. Within the Mindscape lie evil creatures looking to enter the minds of these beings. The Sleepwalkers are charged with protecting those minds from evil.

In one instance where a Sleepwalker looked to protect the mind of the human, Rick Sheridan, it was inadvertently trapped inside that mind. As a consequence, when Rick slept the creature appeared before him and onto Earth. At first, Rick assumed that what he had witnessed was “all in his dreams”. Unfortunately, after seeing the evening news he quickly realized that this wasn’t the case.

The news detailed an armed robbery and a creature at the scene trying to prevent the robbery. The creature, as it turns out, was the exact one that Rick had been dreaming about. At this point, Rick, for fear that the creature would return, avoided sleep.

No matter his efforts, he did fall asleep and it was here that he was confronted by the Sleepwalker. Scared, Rick tore from the creature the Imaginator or the device used to travel around the Mindscape. This, sadly left the two trapped together. The Sleepwalker used this time to ease Rick’s tensions and the two worked out a way in which they could become cohabitants. 

Now stuck on Earth, Sleepwalker spends his time ridding the planet of all who looks to cause it harm.

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