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Real Name: Christopher Weiss

First Appearance: Fury of Firestorm #28 (October, 1984)

Powers: Trained Assassin, Master of Ropes

AffiliationSuicide Squad, 2000 Committee, Kobra Cult

Love Interests: None

Enemies: Firestorm

Did You Know: The Slipknot that appears in 2016’s Suicide Squad is played by Adam Beach. Adam, like my brother and I, is from Manitoba, Canada.

A Little History

Christopher Weiss worked in a chemical factory. Because of his knowledge of chemicals, he constructed rope that was both strong and incredibly sticky.

In 1984 Slipknot made his first appearance inside the pages of Fury of Firestorm #28. The story opens with an alien known as the Monitor in conversation with a member of the 2000 committee. The 2000 Committee had a goal in life to take over the U.S. Government and to do so, planned to kidnap the Superhero known as Firehawk.

While this was happening, Roddy Raymond (half of Firestorm) was taking a shower after a big basketball game. While showering Martin Stein, the other half, pulled him away and the two formed Firestorm. Lorraine Reily (the secret identity of Firehawk) realizing that she was in trouble, put out a distress call to Firestorm. It appeared as though her father had been kidnapped.

Before Firestorm could be filled in with more information, he was trapped by a lasso from none other than Slipknot. Firestorm has powers that do not work against organic matter and Slipknot had made his lasso out of rawhide. As a result, Firestorm found it impossible to escape the knot.

Despite this, Firestorm did, in fact, escape. Upon escaping, he took off in pursuit of Slipknot. Firehawk attempted to follow but as she began moving, she fell into a trap that Slipknot had laid for her.

With Firehawk now unable to help, some men arrived and captured her. Once again, he managed to tie up Firestorm. This time, he kicked him over the edge of a building to his demise. Luckily, at the bottom of his fall lay a bed that was on display. After landing, he was freed by some bystanders.

Now upset and humiliated, he went back in pursuit of Slipknot. This time, however, he used both his powers and brain and was able to finally defeat him.

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