Sony Radiates Confidence as the Real Reason Why ‘Kraven the Hunter’ Was Delayed Gets Revealed

is kraven the hunter part of mcu

Sony’s Spider-Man Universe started with the best intentions, it was supposed to gather the most important supporting characters from the Spiderverse, but they forgot one important thing, Spider-Man himself.

SSU has several movies under its belt at this point, and most of them failed, the most recent failure being ‘Madame Web.’ Female-led superhero flick was panned by critics and did not come close to earning what was invested in it, but according to recent reports Sony moves on with SSU, and several new projects are in development.

2024 started badly, but there’s still time to redeem the studio as ‘Kraven the Hunter and ‘Venom: The Last Dance’ are scheduled to arrive this year. Recently, ‘Kraven the Hunter’ was moved all the way to December 13. The movie was initially planned for January 13, 2023 release, then it was rescheduled for October 6, 2023, and later August 30, 2024.

However the most recent round of reschedules has nothing to do with the development of the movie, or the SAG-AFTRA strike. In his interview with Collider, the producer of the movie Matt Tolmach revealed that the flick starring Aaron-Taylor Johnson was moved all the way to Christmas time because they are certain that people will want to watch it as many times as possible in cinemas, and they wanted to ensure ample opportunities to do so.

Kraven moved to Christmas because we’re excited about it and Christmas is the best release period there is, when you get people with time to go back to the movies over and over again. hat was a real reflection of how the studio felt about the movie. We’re really excited. But that’s a great move that reflects just the feeling about the movie.

So, Sony is confident that ‘Kraven the Hunter’ will turn out to be a massive hit, and at this point, we can’t argue against it since practically nothing is known about it, we can only go with our past experiences with SSU to draw some kind of reasonable conclusions and…we’re not as optimistic as Sony clearly.

The upcoming movie will certainly be rated “R,” but we still don’t know which story it will adapt with certainty. In August 2018, Richard Wenk was hired to write a screenplay for a Kraven the Hunter film, following the success of his work on ‘The Equalizer 2.’ The project was part of Sony’s shared universe plans, with Wenk tasked to introduce Kraven to audiences and explore potential targets for him to hunt, as Spider-Man was unlikely to appear due to the MCU deal.

The film’s target audience would be determined based on the response to ‘Venom’s’ darker tone. Wenk aimed to stay true to the character’s comic book origins, including incorporating a showdown between Kraven and Spider-Man. He also mentioned adapting the ‘Kraven’s Last Hunt’ storyline, either in this film or a later installment, akin to the structure of ‘Kill Bill.’

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