Can You Believe It? The Spawn Movie Will Not Include…

Spawn Movie

Just as the sun will surely set each night, as the days tick by, Todd McFarlane will release information relating to his Spawn movie. The question is, how much information will he release?

McFarlane, who has been unquestionably quiet about his movie, hasn’t given much to go on. In fact, up to this point, not much is actually known, save for Jamie Foxx as Al Simmons and Jeremy Renner as Twitch. 

And you know what? That’s fair. If I was making a movie the world has wanted for 20 years, I’d keep as much under wraps as I possibly could.


In an AMA (ask me anything) session on Reddit, McFarlane was found answering some of the world’s best Venom questions. Of course, Spawn and the characters involved came up. 

SDRAWKCABNITSUJ asked, “Any news on the Violator being cast in the upcoming movie? I would love to see John Leguizamo reprise his role.” 

Spawn Movie Reddit 1

Great question, I say. Violator is one of the most well-known and liked characters in Spawn’s universe.  In six short words McFarlane answered, “No Violator in the upcoming movie.

This is sad news for fans of the Clown. As I said, Violator is a fan-favourite Spawn enemy. With the advancements in technology that have happened in the past ten years, seeing him on screen would’ve been be quite the spectacle.

Later in the thread, MinddKidzag asked, “Since Twitch is going to be in the Spawn reboot, is Sam too?” 

Spawn Movie Reddit AMA

As cut and dry am answers as possible, McFarlane replied with, “No.”

If we think about it, Sam not making the cut makes perfect sense. If Hollywood and McFarlane have learned anything about comic adaptations, it’s what not to do. And what not to do involves not cramming in characters.

As history has shown, cramming in characters, save for the Avengers movies, causes the plot and character development to suffer. Just look at both the Andrew Garfield led Spider-Man’s and Warner Bros. Justice League. Both were a mess. No doubt McFarlane realizes this and wants only the Spawn movie to be the best it can be.

And I suspect that he will.

A little while back I wrote an article wondering whether or not the Spawn movie would fall flat on its face or not. If the precautions McFarlane is taking are any indication, the answer will almost assuredly be no.



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