‘Spider-Man 4’ Gets a Script Update as Zendaya Is Confirmed to Reprise Her Role

tom holland spider man

MCU has quite a slate of movies coming up, even though Marvel Studios has hit a rough patch with the last couple of projects. There have been talks about releasing fewer projects, as fans are definitely becoming tired of shows and movies of lower quality; still, if one character always managed to drag people to movies, it’s Spider-Man, by far the most profitable Marvel franchise, no matter the product you’re looking at.

So far, talking about the MCU specifically, Spider-Man has three standalone movies and a fourth on the way. This was confirmed several months ago by producer Amy Pascal, who confirmed that the work on the sequel has been ongoing but stopped due to the solidarity with the ongoing WGA Strike at the time. Just several months ago, rumors were circulating that Watts is ready to return again as ‘Spider-Man’ 4 director. But then rumors appeared that Drew Goddard was the prime candidate to replace him.

Now according to Variety’s exclusive and thanks to their inside sources, the script for ‘Spider-Man 4’ is still being worked on, with no director attached and no start date yet. This implies that the movie is still early in development but Zendaya is up to this point confirmed to reprise her role by several sources.

The latest rumors however point in the direction of Justin Lin as the director, as Jon Watts is out of the race seemingly for good. Nothing is known about the plot of the movie, but recently, it’s been said that Feige wanted to avoid making the upcoming ‘Spider-Man’ installment a Multiversal story and instead wanted to focus on street-level heroes and challenges. This also aligns with the recent rumors that the next few Marvel Studios’ projects will be oriented toward street-level stories as they are trying to figure out Multiverse.

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